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Evaluation, Selection, Implementation and Upgrades

With our decoupled analysis and phased approach, make your ERP implementation predictable and risk averse

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Hassle-free ERP implementation

At Captivix, our goal is to make the ERP implementation process as efficient and hassle free as possible. We take extra effort to improve business operations and reduce costs and our experts help you avoid unpleasant surprises during the implementation process. But what really sets us apart is our ability to tackle and resolve issues as, or before they come up.

successful ERP implementation
ERP implementation;
the Captivix approach

Implementing a new ERP system without identifying ways to further improve operations is a wasted opportunity. During discovery and analysis phase, we work with you to remove all redundancies, reduce costs, and identify opportunities to grow your business.

For your ERP implementation to be successful, it is critical that your employees are trained properly. To further improve our training, we work with eLearning experts and continue to identify new ways to train our users. With online courses, quizzes, task recorders, manuals, classroom training, train the trainer sessions, we ensure your entire staff is well trained before your new ERP system goes live.

We identify new ways to empower your sales team be more effective and generate more leads and revenue. Use our products, including mobile applications, to ensure that your sales team’s time is best spent on selling instead of struggling to access a system.

We recommend minimum ERP customizations, but when they are required to fit business needs, we explore all options from add-ons to creating new solutions to identify the optimum solution for your business

Project management is not merely managing budget and schedules. The best functional and technical consultants in the industry are not enough to execute a complex ERP implementation. We understand the importance of strong project management processes to foresee and mitigate risks and tackle issues as they arise.

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ERP Implementation is a journey to innovate, compete and thrive and we’d love to partner with you. We want to hear about your challenges and successes; the things you’re struggling with now and how you see your business moving forward.