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Digital Transformation is an imperative.

If you’re struggling to:

You’ll need an experienced company to get the results you need.

Captivix’ Digital Transformation Consulting is designed to provide the support you need to ensure your project is a success.

Digital Transformation Consulting was designed to:

Captivix is the leading digital transformation consulting firm in Chicago and ready to tackle your most challenging projects.

Help you create a long-term vision for your project.

Provide a proven framework that supports you from project kickoff to implementation.

Engage the right leadership and team members to ensure success.

Get the technical expertise you need to deploy advanced technology.

Support your team members before, during and after launch.

Digital Transformation requires more than just tech.

It’s combining the people, processes, and technology that help you meet your business goals. Our five step approach helps ensure that you have the right foundation for digital success. 

Digital strategy consulting
Create a Leadership Team

Each engagement begins with a series of sessions with your leadership team. These sessions are designed to either help you define your digital strategy, or apply the SPEC framework to your existing one.

Design a Digital Roadmap

We provide expert leadership in creating and improving your digital roadmap. This includes a clear set of initiatives and projects, as well as defined success matrices to measure your performance.

Build a Team and Project Management Approach

We offer recommendations on building and training a strong team capable of planning and executing your strategy, and give you insight on how the principles of agile methodology, dev-ops, and lean startup processes can heighten your competitive advantage.

Build a Culture of Transformation

Together we’ll go through each step of our digital framework, focusing on how best to cultivate a strong culture of transformation within your organization.

Get Expert Consulting

We’re experts at designing and implementing the latest technology to solve your most pressing business issues. Whether it’s connecting your sales team with a mobile app or implementing an enterprise-wide ERP, we have the technical expertise to ensure you have the right tech to meet your business objectives.

Captivix has the expertise to provide Digital Transformation Consulting with proven results.

We’ve worked with over 30 clients to make sure they had a roadmap that evolved with their needs and helped them successfully implement digital transformation projects that made their companies more competitive.

Let’s talk about SPEC Framework

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