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Our three core values demonstrate our commitment to our clients.

You know that digital transformation and related custom services and products are necessary to keep your company competitive. But how do you choose the right partner for a lengthy and often complex journey?

We believe in practical, well-thought-out, leading solutions that are clearly communicated to our clients. In addition, we have three core values that guide our company.


Technology should work as intended

We spend time clearly defining your business and technical requirements so we choose the right solution for your organization.

Next, we develop your solution in an Agile environment to build upon small successes until we reach a fully implemented digital solution that reaches everyone’s expectations.

Finally, we provide training to your users – employees, clients, vendors, and business partners – to reduce the learning curve and bring you up to speed fast.


We provide transparent pricing

Your digital transformation efforts will bring value to your company. But that value will be diminished with hidden contractual fees that drain your budget for years to come.

We work with you to ensure you stay within budget by providing estimated vs. actual costs. You need to know what you’re paying for and we keep you informed throughout the project. We clearly explain what services we provide, product and licensing costs, and additional costs that may impact your project. No surprises, just clear cost information.


You’ll keep your business running

Can we keep our business running? How much downtime can I expect?

You shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and end up with software that doesn’t work, is disruptive to your business operations, and no one will use.

Downtime is the biggest concern of any project since it means lost revenue and increased costs. We help prevent downtime, glitches, and other surprises that often happen as a result of a new or upgraded application.

We use stringent quality control protocols in place to ensure that software runs as it should. We also provide training and customer support to make sure all of your users not only understand but know how to use new applications in their daily work tasks.

About Captivix

Captivix helps companies transform their business through advanced digital solutions. We
provide the strategic insight, technical expertise, and industry experience of working with over
100 clients, including many Fortune 500 companies.

Our SPEC framework, in addition to our expertise, can help you successfully implement new
solutions, increase revenue and productivity.

Our leadership team includes deep experience in digital transformation consulting, web and mobile applications, and ERP applications.

Ruby Baweja

Partner, Operations

Rahul Maheshwary

Partner, Innovation

Gaurav Chaudhary

VP of Technology

Paul. C. Smith

Sr. Manufacturing Consultant – ERP, Dynamics NAV

Dave Chafe

Sr. ERP Consultant – Dynamics

Manoj Kalya

Sr. Microsoft dynamics 365/ax consultant

Ming Chu

Sr. Microsoft dynamics 365/ax consultant

Steve Block

Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant

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