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AI Adoption SPEC Framework

Serving 50+ organizations as AI consultants, Captivix has formulated its own SPEC framework
for the sole purpose of helping businesses adopt AI power in their business.

Step 1: AI Strategy

Where we build is a strategy plan to identify AI adoption in any particular industry. Based on the identification, we will proceed to understand and execute the strategy to either build an AI program to integrate into an existing system or buy any existing system

Step 2: AI Planning

Our AI Planning service ensures a streamlined and effective implementation of artificial intelligence, From crafting meticulous project plans and strategic resource planning to budgeting, mapping the best route from problem to solution, and validating strategies through pilot projects.

Step 3: AI Execution

Elevate operations with tailored precision. Craft custom solutions or co-pilot with ready-made tools, unleashing the full potential of AI for unparalleled efficiency and innovation.



Step 4: AI Confirming

Your project is “done” when feedback from your employees, customers, and third parties validates that your solution performs as intended and meets your idea of success. AI confirming process verifies the solution and helps businesses maintain the changing demands with an updated AI structure that makes your business future-ready.

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Why AI Service?

Deliver Outcomes

Achieve impactful business results through diverse machine learning and AI technologies.

Utilize Data

Fuel the existing system with capacity to perform more in less time at better quality. 

Analyse Customers

With good AI analysis, frame better decision to take busniess on next level for success.

Enhance Success

AI serves businesses with better results with less effort. Taking AI-driven sucess is the smart move.

Eliminate error

With zero error handling process, AI has the route to remove errors and built bug free systems.

Bring Change

Adopting AI is the best change that businesses should afford for a better experience in the future.

AI Implementation We Did

We are confident that you will share the same sentiment that our customers already shared…..

Health Plan With AI



Inventory Manage with AI



Thanks to Captivix, our partnership has transformed our inventory management. The tailored AI solution seamlessly integrated into our existing systems, leading to a significant reduction in costs and improved forecasting. Their expertise has truly revolutionized our retail operations. Something strongly recommended by us to work with.

- CEO, retail industry

Captivix's AI execution and confirming service played a pivotal role in enhancing our patient care and operational efficiency. Their custom AI solution, coupled with ongoing support, resulted in tangible improvements in patient outcomes. We're grateful for the transformative impact on our healthcare services.

- Director of Operations, Med Industry

Working with Captivix has been a game-changer for our business. Their strategic approach to AI implementation in our healthcare services exceeded our expectations. The continuous refinement of ML models and meticulous data maintenance have propelled our organization to new heights

- CIO, Medical Aid business

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We are committed to offer services and solutions that builds successful roadmaps from businesses.

Expert AI Professionals

Recognizing what you are best at, and harnessing technology to magnify your strengths will give you a competitive advantage.

Extensive AI Experience

Form your leadership team. You need to look at the important stakeholders and build a team that can lead the transformation process. 

End To End AI Development

Make sure to design digital success metrics to track the Keep Performance Indicators of each aspect of your Strategy.

AI Models We Have Expertise in

We are committed to offer services and solutions that builds successful roadmaps from businesses.



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