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Optimize your ERP, CRM and eCommerce Applications

With the UNO Microsoft Dynamics 365 WordPress Woocommerce ERP plugin, you’ll save time, improve data accuracy, and serve your customers more efficiently.

Watch this video to see how UNO will streamline your eCommerce, ERP, and CRM applications for increased productivity.

UNO easily integrates with leading eCommerce & ERP apps

If you’re looking for WordPress Microsoft Dynamics integration, WooCommerce Navision integration, WooCommerce Dynamics 365 integration, Woocommerce ERP Plugin or other leading apps, UNO is the perfect solution. You get real-time data updates for better data, increased sales, and improved decision-making.

With UNO you can create web stores for customers and partners for:

UNO is designed to support Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the most popular ERP systems now available for their robust capabilities. Using UNO, you’ll benefit from:

UNO for
eCommerce Brochure

Better data, greater productivity

UNO connects your two most valuable functions – sales and operations – for synchronized data.
You’ll experience:

Simple Integration

Uno integrates with leading Microsoft ERP and eCommerce apps for integrated customer, financial, and business partner data.

Improved Productivity

Less manual data between eCommerce, ERP, and CRM apps, improved inventory tracking, and labor savings.

Data Driven Decision Making

Improved decision-making based on real-time customer, financial, and inventory data.

UNO supports your existing technology

Web Fronts





and Many More

Backend system

Microsoft Dynamics





Uno Woocommerce ERP Plugin Pricing

One Time Plugin Fee

(includes plugin implementation)
by Captivix
  • A single perpetual license fee gets you Uno – the ultimate ERP plugin for Microsoft Dynamics. Uno can be further customized to meet your specific requirements as a separate service.

Annual Maintenance

(Everything for One Year)
*Billed Annually
  • Annual support including all WordPress updates, bug fixes, and product updates.

Integrate Woocommerce Microsoft Dynamics Plugin

Captivix has built this exclusive WordPress Plugin. With this Microsoft dynamics woocommerce plugin, any business can integrate their woocommerce with Microsoft dynamics 365. With our single perpetual license fee, you get our unlimited ERP Plugin of woocommerce with Microsoft dynamics integration possibilities. We can also further customize them to meet your business requirements. 

How does this work?

You simply need to follow these steps to get started with Captivix woocommerce Microsoft dynamics integration. 

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