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Captivix is built with intelligent and advanced technologies that offer you a simple way to manage your entire business and keep operational costs under control.

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Captivix is a comprehensive solution that combines best business practices with modern approaches to streamline your operations, track resources and store data with ease.

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Whether you own a large, midsized or small business, Captivix ERP software gives greater visibility across your business operations and reduces the complexities.


More than 50% of the ERP implementations are not successful?

By the time you decide that it’s time to make a switch, the shortcomings of the legacy software may already have contributed to losses.

With the right approach and step by step process; you will be able to increase your success drastically.

Gather Detailed Requirements

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Demo & Guided Assessment

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Final Estimates

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Our Implementation Process ?

  1. Detailed requirements gathering including the creation of Functional requirement document and business processes diagrams.
  2. Optimize your business operations for growth and cost savings
  3. GAP analysis – based on the identified ERP system. If the ERP system is not identified yet, conduct GAP analysis bases on multiple ERP systems. Upon analysis, evaluate the list of customizations that need to happen for ERP system(s).
  4. Integrations – Evaluate the integration with 3rd party applications such as shipping, eCommerce, APIs/EDIs, tax calculators, etc.
  5. Project Plan and estimates -Provide an accurate cost, timelines, and detailed project plan to implement a selected ERP system

Configure a given ERP system to your requirements and business processes. This will be utilizing all out of box functionality of the system.

For all gaps identified in step 1 (diagnostics), customize and develop the system for your needs. Ideally, we would like to limit customizations as it creates more maintenance work during support and maintenance. And we also integrate with all 3rd party applications using best practices and out of box or customized solutions available.

This can be one of the trickiest tasks. Extracting and cleaning data from your old system(s) is critical. Thereafter, your opening balances, master and transactional data can be migrated to the new ERP system.

Training is critical for adoption of the new system with your employees, vendors and customer. Our training approach is highly effective by getting you involved while configuring your system. This approach gives your employee a much deeper view of the system. We also utilize other best practices like train the trainer to make training more effective and budget friendly.

Once the system is ready to go live, we encourage your employees to test the system out based on the training they received. Moreover, before the ERP go live date, we conduct a conference room pilot to ensure all operations work as intended.

At this point, your new ERP system is ready to take over. For a period, we provide dedicated support for your employees as they are still new to your new ERP system.

ERP Migrations & Support

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Case Study & Testimonial


Digital Transformation: Strategy, ERP,
Ecommerce, UNO: Dynamics NAV


Digital Transformation: Strategy, ERP,
Ecommerce, UNO: Dynamics NAV


Digital Transformation: Strategy, ERP,
Ecommerce, UNO: Dynamics NAV

Leo Chen Director of Operations, Brentano Fabrics

I enjoyed working with the Captivix team; they were true partners and helped guide us to the best solution.

    Roelof Horowitz VP Operations, Volpes

    Engaged Captivix for ERP, Ecommerce and Integration. Journey has been exceptionally well! Spot on.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Ready for technology that’s just right for your business?

      We are proud to say that our implementation process is fastest in the world today. Our on-time implementation guarantees go-live in just twenty days.

      A good ERP system should be scalable and have the capability to grow as your business grows. This is what ERP is specifically designed for; medium to larger businesses that have outgrown off-the-shelf products.

      We have found that the major component of a project failing is simple, and it’s often down to the people working on the project. People and their skills are vital to any kind of project. There are several reasons within this scope which are detailed below:

      • Resistance to change
      • Not understanding or, the reason for the changes are not appropriately communicated
      • Fearful that technology will replace their jobs
      • An inadequately represented project team. A project team should consist of key decision-makers from all areas of a company
      • Poor high-level management

      Generally old data can be migrated into your new ERP system depending on the software package that you are coming from.

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