UNO Mobile ERP

ERP anytime, anywhere.

MOBILE ERP: Critical for today’s business environment

Today’s remote environment demands instant access to real-time data with an app that integrates easily with your existing ERP applications.

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ERP Mobile App from UNO

ERP Mobile App from UNO is a flexible and scalable application that offers:

Secure, remote access

from phones and tablets

Synchronized ERP data

including customers, inventory, products, sales, warehouse, and transportation

Real time updates

for improved insights and reporting for improved insights and reporting

Seamless transactions

from sales to fulfillment and payment

Digital signatures

print from mobile, and other convenient features

Work offline

(no network required), sync when online

Available for iOS and Android


UNO provides seamless integration, secure data, & greater productivity

You’ll experience:

Simple Integration

UNO integrates with leading Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central for a robust mobile ERP application.

Improved Productivity

Remote access to ERP data for 24/7 business needs.

Data Driven Decision Making

Improved decision-making based on real-time customer, financial, and inventory data.

UNO Mobile ERP

A flexible, scalable, and mobile ERP solution that offers:

Sales and Order Management

Monitor real-time sales and customer data to keep your team making data driven decisions.

Mobile Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

UNO integrates with leading Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central for a robust ERP Mobile application.

Mobile Transportation Management Services (TMS)

UNO integrates with leading Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central for a robust mobile ERP application.

Additional Features

Service order management and report printing make the UNO mobile ERP solution versatile and robust.

Web Fronts

Customer Registration and Management

for new and existing customers.

Sales Orders

create, price, track, post existing sales orders and backorders.

Invoicing and Payments

create multi-currency invoices and payments.

Product Management

Manage your product catalog including product or pricing changes.

Shipment Tracking

Report on customer order shipments and status. Track customer shipments and packages.

Backend system

Warehouse locations

geographic locations and requirements to receive, ship, pick or put away.

Inventory Tracking

Record warehouse receipts, putaways, picks, and item counts. Cycle counts and adjustments can also be recorded.

Order Tracking

Monitor production and transfer orders. Item cross tracking and order substitution recommendations available.

Transport and Load Optimization

identify optimal transportation routes and loads per vehicle.

Route and Package Tracking

perform real time delivery status by truck, location, and estimated delivery time.

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