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How do I choose the right ERP system and get started?

ERP Software Selection

Your organization has outgrown but still depends on Excel sheets. It can fail anytime under a sudden surge in transactions, requests or demands from your customers and vendors.

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Outgrown your existing IT technology?

Your organization has outgrown but still depends on Excel sheets. It can fail anytime under a sudden surge in transactions, requests, or demands from your customers and vendors.

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Steps involved in selecting the right ERP system


Free Discovery

We kickoff our consultation with a discovery session(s), understanding your needs. The session(s) will uncover your business processes, challenges, and success criteria for an ERP system. That knowledge will help us prepare a winning solution strategy and estimates for you.


Requirements Analysis

Once we have your approval to move forward, we will put that strategy to execution. We develop a solid plan to move ahead. We drill down to capture requirements for all business areas, such as finance, sales and marketing, procurement, order management, warehouse, etc. We will review that together to your satisfaction.


Compare Options

Once we have a requirements’ matrix from Step 2, we will compare a few ERP systems that will best address your needs. The selection criteria will be based on the demos, and scores given for requirement. This will give you 360 degree visibility before selecting the right ERP system for you. NO MORE guessing!


Recommendation and Selection

After comparing multiple options, we together shortlist a winning ERP solution. Thereafter, we conduct a GAP analysis to ensure that this ERP solution is scalable for your needs and require minimum customizations.

What results can you expect?

Long Term Help

Right ERP system with minimum customizations

Provide Framework

Recommendations to optimize your operations

Ensure Success

Real time reports, forecasts, and insights

Long Term Help

Integrated ecosystem

Provide Framework

Scalable technology

Ensure Success

Reduction of manual effort

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Frequently asked questions

Here are seven steps to help you choose the right software for your organization:

  • Understand Why You Need an ERP System
  • Determine Your IT Strategy
  • Build an ERP Selection Team
  • Determine Your Business Requirements
  • Improve Your Business Processes
  • Determine a Data Management Strategy
  • Build a Long-list of ERP Systems
  • Build a Shortlist of ERP Systems
  • Schedule ERP Vendor Demos
  • Conduct a Business Readiness Assessment
  • Negotiate With ERP Vendors
  • Pause Before ERP Implementation
The retail business works in real time. All the process and vendor management needs update as soon as a transaction comes under process. Too many manual requests can create delays, leading to bad impact on the overall supply chain process.

The overall process can be streamlined using the perfect ERP Software that matches the retail business needs. The ERP Selection process will help you shortlist a few of the best ERP for retail industry that can be chosen for implementation. Some commonly used ERP in retail are MS Dynamics, Salesforce etc. Talk to us and we will help you in deciding the right retail ERP software for your business.
Yes, we can do it for you. Making the right choice may seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. If you need help developing a list of requirements, find a vendor that knows your industry and market and has customers similar to your business. Once you have a list of requirements, you can then gather responses and start the comparison process.

To help you select the right ERP solutions for your business and business needs, Captivix offers a preliminary assessment and modelled blueprint of your business.

The blueprint will be based on evaluating your current and future strategic objectives, current business processes, IT maturity of your organization, people, and roles involved in ERP and your information needs.

Contact us to learn more.
If you are trying to search an answer of this over the internet, then you will find a common answer. That is oracle cloud ERP. It has been commonly used by many wholesalers, but it is important to go under an ERP Selection process. This will take you into step process of identifying your business requirements and end up choose the one that matches your business. Randomly implementing something that needs change management can take your business to failure. Talk to us and we will welcome you for a discovery call on identifying your processes for ERP Selection.
Import and export businesses needs a lot of integration with their existing inventory and logistic systems. The overall integration creates a complete supply chain of the business. Any disconnect leads to broken system.

To prevent this mishap, ERP Selection should be the first priority when choosing the ERP Software. There is no “One system that fits all” kind of solution for import and export business.

Once you undergo the ERP selection process, your business requirements will be matched with all the existing ERP software that supports the import and export business. In the end of selection process, you will get the best fit ERP Software for your import and export business.
ERP Selection can bring some selection challenges. It can start right from which ERP to choose and ending up with migration process or ERP implementation. This entire Selection challenges will be accompanied by few risks involved like data security, customization challenges and cost of failures if any.
There can be tons of mistakes that businesses do while in ERP Selection process. Out of all, some blunders are, having too many stakeholders in the process. This creates confusion and delays the selection process. Juggling with too many ERP vendors and watching their demos. It leads to creating the differentiation problems and, finally, not having key peoples in the decision-making process. Take to us, and we shall help you in a smooth ERP Selection process with zero confusions.