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Thank you for visiting our Write for Us technology blog page on Captivix. We are delighted to have you considering contributing content to our blog channel. 

You can reach out to our marketing team on email and discuss your scope of being a contributor on our technology blog. 

We publish content and knowledge based blogpost which are into topics like

  1. Digital transformation.
  2. ERP Industry
  3. CRM Industry
  4. Full stack development
  5. E-commerce industry
  6. Cloud services

Or anything that helps businesses adopt digital technology as their medium of business growth. 

We love content that is written out of experience and not just any other blogpost explaining stuff that is already being followed over the internet. For example, if we implemented CRM in a business, we would write content similar to “What challenges our client was facing while making a CRM vendor buying decision.” 

Your guest blog should speak information out of experience instead of random content. 

If this criterion is met, it must also be plag-free and not written via the help of any AI tool. We check on that and reject robotic contents 

If your blogpost pass our quality standard, it will be published within 2 days else it may take more time.

Our goal is to take the right value to our audience by collaborating with your knowledge and experience. 

We expect that if you are sharing knowledge, it should be regardless of the word count. The knowledge should flow like an artist painting the blank canvas with brushes. 

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