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The Background

About Business

Andrews Moving provides residential and corporate moves, local and nationwide, to consumers in Ohio.
As a growing company, they needed to replace their outdated systems with an integrated custom application to manage their inventory and warehouse operations, while achieving a positive ROI.

Andrews Moving Company, with headquarters in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, is a full-service consumer moving and management company that offers warehousing and inventory management solutions for residential and business relocation. They are a United Van Lines founding agent and national partner, offering customized client care and the capacity to transport anywhere in the world.

The Challenges

Andrews Moving, like many expanding businesses, had a collection of fragmented systems that comprised software programmes, relational databases, and spreadsheets that didn’t communicate with one another. They also employed manual procedures to complete daily activities, resulting in inefficiencies such as a 2-3 day wait period for customer estimates.

Andrews were unable to scale their business due to a lack of automation, reporting tools, and mobile access, as well as outdated systems and manual procedures. To correctly manage the location and amount of clients’ possessions, a Warehouse Management System (WMS) was required.

Andrews knew they needed to improve their systems and simplify their operations in order to live up to their purpose in a highly competitive sector, and they knew they needed to upgrade their systems and streamline their operations.

The Andrews Moving team looked at ERP options but found none that fit their company model and provided the inventory and warehouse management capabilities, financial reporting, and customer service they required. It was clear that they would require a customised solution from an experienced team in order to achieve a good ROI.

The Solution

Andrews Moving picked Captivix for their competence in ERP consulting, software understanding, and installation. The two teams initially met to establish their business goals and to better understand the major issues Andrews was facing: antiquated systems, laborious procedures, a lack of automation, and an inability to grow.

After the two-month requirements collecting process, the teams had a clear understanding of the particular functionality and future-proofing procedure that Andrews required, including a ROI for each function.

Finally, both teams decided to create a custom-built cloud solution to simplify all of their business operations, including their extensive warehouse network. The customised solution connected with United Van Lines’ current system, including transportation management, finance/invoicing, EDIs, and other data needs.

Identifying previously undisclosed interdependencies between manual processes and systems integrated into the system was part of the development process. Andrews was able to evaluate the functionality of the bespoke system throughout the development process using a milestone methodology to guarantee it matched their business objectives.

The Result

Cloud-based solutions saved a lot of time, especially when it came to coordinating drivers, agents, and Andrew’s project manager. The Uno Mobile app removed the need to carry, scan, and send paper documents. Annually, the digital signature capabilities saved thousands of hours. The ideas were simple to implement, making it simple to teach employees in the office or on the road.

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Digital Transformation: Strategy, ERP,
Ecommerce, UNO: Dynamics NAV


Digital Transformation: Strategy, ERP,
Ecommerce, UNO: Dynamics NAV


Digital Transformation: Strategy, ERP,
Ecommerce, UNO: Dynamics NAV

Leo Chen Director of Operations, Brentano Fabrics

I enjoyed working with the Captivix team; they were true partners and helped guide us to the best solution.

    Roelof Horowitz VP Operations, Volpes

    Engaged Captivix for ERP, Ecommerce and Integration. Journey has been exceptionally well! Spot on.

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