We provide collaborative solutions to support & digitize solutions for adversiting and media, software and financial services.

Whether its converting data into helping you rethink on the business process management or managing organizational change management or providing guidance for implementation, IT governance, or supporting you with change management initiatives, Captivix experts can help you manage, support or customize your services offerings as per the demands of the changing business environment.


We help our partners with ERP implementation and integration without going through any business hassles.
We enable this through our thorough understanding of the ERP systems, the market and the use of process and consultancy-led business models.
Some of the major benefits of Captivix’s ERP solutions for your firm include

  • Advanced Customer management and communications
  • Complete Project control and visibility
  • Ability to manage your contacts, sales opportunities, and service contract
  • Ability to create estimates, track projects, and manage capacity
  • Customized BPM solutions and workspaces
  • Omni-channel delivery solutions and support
  • Employee empowerment with mobility, productivity, and analytics


Many of your projects might often involve digitizing, improving or changing business processes for your clients.

Our workflow automation services can help you deliver quick results in terms of improved productivity or efficiency.

We embrace the modern technologies and focus on technology that strengthens your business processes that can positively impact the future of work and organizations.


Services firms often face complex systems integration challenges. Captivix can help you manage the complexities that arise due to technology change across all stages of SDLC. Our certified specialists have over 15 years of service experience in delivering effective integration services that are scalable and result oriented.


Services industry rely heavily on continuous business from their existing clients. One of the major sources of revenue arises from cross-selling or upselling opportunities.

All this can be made easy with Captivix’s customized customer loyalty solutions. Leverage our customer loyalty solutions to design loyalty campaign initiatives, set up transparent customer communication processes and gain more insights to identify cross selling or upselling opportunities.

Employee advocacy is an unexplored area for many services.

But you can be ahead of the curve by implementing employee advocacy services and promote your offerings to a wide network of prospects.

Leverage Captivix’s employee advocacy solutions to promote your brand and promote your services through freely-offered advocacy by your workforce.