Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mobile App: Not too long ago, businesses used conventional ways by filling up drawers and tabletops with stashes of files and paperwork. ERP systems have changed the landscape of managing business operations. However, it lacked flexibility up until now. With the introduction of mobile applications for ERP systems, it has now leveraged the capabilities of mobile devices to operate in a cloud-based environment. This has proven to be an absolute game-changer.

Here’s a video about UNO from Captivix: A mobile ERP app for Microsoft Dynamics 365


The unparalleled convenience of mobile ERP allows business leaders to run operations remotely. It reduces management and resource costs by eliminating paperwork and archiving. It allows complete access to all data at all times from any place. Mobile ERP apps give executives and employees access to real-time information, as well as customer communications. It lets workforces send push notifications, create events, and review and approve time, sales orders, and expenses from practically anywhere with a secure internet connection.


Collecting, storing, and analyzing data is critical for all businesses. Mobile ERP systems, due to their remote capabilities, have access to data points that no conventional ERP can reach. This allows the collection of data from various points. This is extremely important as it helps leaders to make crucial decisions more accurately and quickly. Data security is also a huge concern for any organization. With the cloud environment hosted by the big ERP system payers like Microsoft, Oracle, etc., that is also taken care of.


Mobile-based ERP also allows businesses to gain a competitive advantage by providing access to real-time business data, at the same time, having the capability to take necessary actions on your mobile devices. It cuts out back-and-forth communication in many processes like approvals, etc., and shortens many other processes.


For most clients of the mobile-based ERP, it will permit them to improve arduous and tedious cycles that would have been monotonous. Notwithstanding existing ERP applications, mobile-based ERP gives important adaptability that removes extra hard work that existed previously.

The features and benefits of any mobile ERP solution are immense. To understand its capabilities in-depth and how its implementation can impact the growth of your business, Captivix is organizing a webinar on mobile applications for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business Central, and NAV.

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