ERP Assessment: Everything To Know Before Implementation

ERP Assessment

Nowadays, most organizations are very apprehensive about ERP since it is a must-have for the business ecosystem. It plays a crucial role in managing and integrating core business processes. If you are a company that has recently finished ERP implementation and plans to deploy it, you should take a break and begin with an evaluation. […]

Shopify ERP Integration: How To Do It Easily 2023

Shopify ERP Integration

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that allows businesses to create online stores and sell their products to customers globally. Since the COVID-19 pandemic eCommerce platform has become popular due to changes in customer behavior. They prefer to buy things online rather than looking at retail stores. With the rapid rise in sales through online […]

Magento Integration with ERP: The Complete Guide

Magento Integration With ERP

Magento integration with ERP is increasingly becoming popular across eCommerce companies because of the rapid sales growth and positive impact that it can have on their online stores. Since COVID-19 pandemic there has been an accelerated demand for eCommerce platforms. Let us understand what Magento and ERP are, and how the two, when integrated, can […]

10 ERP Implementation Best Practices You Should Know In 2023

ERP Implementation Best Practices captivix

ERP implementation best practices are something that each business or company must understand thoroughly to ensure the success of their implementation. While the process of implementing ERP might seem like child’s play, it is wiser to acknowledge the fact that it is not. When you begin using these ERP implementation best practices, you will experience […]

ERP Implementation Steps: 17 Easy and Simple Guide 2023

ERP Implementation Steps Captivix

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning and it is the process of planning, customizing, and deploying ERP software for a business. It helps you manage the daily chores of your business efficiently ranging from all your data to fruitful insights. ERP is the best for the integration of different business functions, which can improve collaboration […]

ERP Implementation Phases: Guide From Planning to Go-Live

ERP Implementation Phases

It would not be wrong to say that ERP implementation is the need of the hour. Today, every other major firm is deploying ERP for the better functioning of their affairs. This software reduces the amount of effort that you may have to put in otherwise if you were using another system that is probably […]

ERP Implementation Plan: Your Complete Guide to Success

ERP Implementation plan Captivix

ERP implementation plan is probably the topic that is getting a lot of attention these days. Planning is the most essential phase of any project, whether it is a university assignment or a business process. When you are starting with a process, planning is its first step which also lays its foundation. If you get […]

ERP Implementation Process: Plan, Steps, Complete Guide 2023

ERP Implementation Process Captivix

ERP implementation is doing the rounds these days in absolutely all firms irrespective of their size and we all know why. This software ensures a better and smooth functioning of your business by streamlining various business processes such as accounting, inventory management, human resources, and customer relationship management. It not only ensures better collaboration between […]

Best ERP for Small Business. 20+ ERP and Selection Guide

Best ERP for Small Businesses

Do you own a small or medium-sized business? Well if you do, you surely know the importance of ERP in running it smoothly. Considering the size of your business, you must be wary of the need to purchase ERP software that specifically suits all your needs. Don’t be because we have a great solution for […]

Types of ERP Systems – What is ERP? [20 Best To Consider]

Types Of ERP System

Have you ever wondered how many ERP systems exist and how they can affect your business? There are several types of ERP systems, which have a great impact on your firm and therefore, choosing what suits you the best becomes a priority. So, we will tell you all about the different types of ERP systems […]