Digital Transformation


digital transformation revolution
The Digital Transformation Revolution
The year 1989 was a watershed year. In 1989: • The first of 24 satellites of the GPS system is placed into orbit• Nintendo began selling the GameBoy• The 486...
Digital Transformation post COVID
How businesses can benefit from a Digital Transformation post COVID.
Recent events have been a wake-up call for business leaders to embrace digital transformation. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has been an eye-opener for mankind and also for businesses....
ERP Free Trial
Go Ahead with Our ERP Guided Assessment – READY, SET, GROW
As per ERP Software blog, around 33% of buyers of ERP didn't get demo before implementing it and approximately most enterprise don’t get a chance to play around with ERP....
digital transformation solutions
A Mantra for Digital Transformation
“Building a strategy for a solid digital core” Rahul Maheshwary, CEO Digital Transformation or DT is popular term right now. Some people think it’s just transitioning paper documents to an...
digital transformation roadmap
5 steps to create your digital transformation roadmap
“Failure to plan is planning to fail.” Dwight D. Eisenhower Rahul Maheshwary, CEO It’s not uncommon for me to receive calls and emails from business leaders in a desperate situation....
supply chain digital transformation
Digital Transformation for every supply chain company right now.
Digital transformation can mean different things to different businesses. It could be replacing simple manual processes with digitized solutions or in some cases, much more complicated things, like machine learning...
How digital transformation can connect your organization
Breaking Down Data Silos Through Digital Transformation
How digital transformation can connect your organization “Information is power. Particularly when the competition ignores the opportunity to do the same.” Mark Cuban Your organization holds a wealth of data...
digital transformation strategy 2021
Why you should have a Digital Transformation strategy as a leader in 2022.
The year 2020 has showed businesses why it is important to be prepared for any scenario. The pandemic brought about big changes in not only operations but also the mentality...
The nitty-gritty details of a successful digital transformation plan
Key details for a successful digital transformation plan
“Identify the needs and gaps of your plan to align to your project vision” Rahul Maheshwary, CEO No plan is perfect. There will always be surprises. But many of those...
Has QuickBooks lived its life in your organization?
Running a small business in 2021 is a very challenging job. Markets and economies are highly dynamic and business leaders have realized the need for changing plans and policies at...