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Our SPEC Framework

After working with more than 30 clients, we use our proven SPEC
digital transformation framework to ensure you
get the results you need to improve your competitive edge.


We focus on your vision, engage leadership, and identify competitive strengths to create a Digital Success Matrix that guides your digital transformation initiatives.


We dig deep into your business objectives and choose the technologies (mobile apps, ERP, eCommerce, or custom web applications) to create your Digital Transformation Roadmap.


Momentum is critical in the execution phase. Our experts use proven Agile methodologies to create digital solutions that align with your Digital Success Matrix and Roadmap.


Your project is “done” when feedback from your employees, customers, and third parties validates that your solution performs as intended and meets your idea of success.


Off the shelf software doesn’t fit every transformation strategy. That’s why it’s important to consider your business goals, your roadmap, your customers, and your resources to choose a solution that’s right for your company.

Custom development can help reach your goals of improved revenue, better customer or partner experience, or empowered teams. We work together with you to choose the best solution supports your transformation strategy.

Digital Solutions

Captivix uses an Agile development framework, which provides progressive results toward your goal, minimizing the chances for expensive mistakes that derail most projects. In our experience, Agile supports all custom development projects.

Mobile App Development

Ecommerce Solutions

Web FullStack Dev

Captivix experience includes

What results can you expect?

Successful digital transformation projects typically result in

And most important, digital transformation projects.
Captivix has helped over 30 clients transform their businesses using expertise, the SPEC framework, and tech that works. If you’re ready to hear more, contact us below.

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