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The Background

About Business

Bev Analytics drives brand recognition for their customers by collecting market survey data, using photographs, from bars and restaurants.
Clients can see if their beverage brands are on display and served, as well as capture competitor data.

Bev Analytics is a Chicago-based organization that specializes in analytics for the beverage industry to drive brand recognition and increase sales. Originally founded to provide analytic services to financial services and international social organizations, Bev Analytics expanded to the adult beverage industry by providing analytics for sales and marketing, diversifying their client base.

The Challenges

The beverage industry is highly competitive, dependent upon field sales reps to use surveys to collect data about which beverages are being marketed and sold at bars and restaurants, including locations, prices, items, and locations. This information helps them ensure their brand is appropriately positioned and take immediate action to improve sales.

Once the survey data is collected, analyzed and reported, Bev Analytic’s clients understand their brand positioning in the market, using that data to make marketing and pricing decisions that drive product sales. Bev Analytics specializes in collecting and distributing information for data-driven decision-making and brand positioning.

For efficiency, sales rep survey data needed to be collected using photographs, not traditional and time-consuming manual entry. This approach would make field reps more productive but did present a significant data storage problem. The solution would have to capture, interpret and store massive amounts of photographs collected from bars and restaurants, and extract, process and report on the information to clients.

Like many firms, Bev Analytics had an extremely tight budget and required immediate results. They needed an application that would scale over time and a consulting team to support their non-technical project managers.

The Solution

This approach would allow Bev Analytics to capture and process significant amounts of data and help them scale their business.

The project approach used a step-by-step approach that included team coaching, developing sound functional requirements, and evaluating suitable technologies. Agile and lean startup methodologies helped ensure the solution would be scaleable for the future.

Captivix used Microsoft Azure, a flexible cloud-based platform, to store terabytes of data and develop a custom mobile application that supported Bev Analytics’ specific needs. This new custom application also used ML technologies to process photographs and feed data into the application.

The Result

Field reps can now easily take pictures of brands wherever they are sold, through a mobile app that collects, processes, and reports on the data. Bev Analytics was able to stay within a tight budget while providing timely data that helps clients better position their brand. This application is a win-win for Bev Analytics and their clients, allowing them to scale their businesses through data-driven decision-making.

Dev Taneja Bev Analytics

I have worked with Captivix Solutions for several years and they always exemplified the highest level of professionalism while always going up and beyond to accommodate my schedule. As a non-tech person, I do not always know the best path. Rahul and his team have been instrumental in helping me find the best path forward that suits my needs. I believe their problem solving skills and expertise have help me find the best solution for my business. They have always been transparent regarding all proceedings and work. I have always trusted them completely.

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    Digital Transformation: Strategy, ERP,
    Ecommerce, UNO: Dynamics NAV


    Digital Transformation: Strategy, ERP,
    Ecommerce, UNO: Dynamics NAV


    Digital Transformation: Strategy, ERP,
    Ecommerce, UNO: Dynamics NAV

    Leo Chen Director of Operations, Brentano Fabrics

    I enjoyed working with the Captivix team; they were true partners and helped guide us to the best solution.

      Roelof Horowitz VP Operations, Volpes

      Engaged Captivix for ERP, Ecommerce and Integration. Journey has been exceptionally well! Spot on.

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