Mobile App for Sales Management

With UNO Mobile ERP


Real-time mobile sales and order management from your phone or tablet

Mobile ERP apps are critical to business success, keeping your team connected wherever they are. Whether you’re looking for a mobile sales app for Android devices, a Dynamics 365 sales app, or just a mobile app for your sales team to stay connected, UNO will help your team stay productive with:

New Customer Registration

Securely register new
customers and manage
shipping addresses.

Existing Customer Management

Edit profiles, review orders
and payments, track shipments,
and more.

Sales Order Management

Create and review sales orders,
including products, pricing,
discounts, and commissions.

Shipment Tracking.

View orders, items, and quantities shipment.
Track packages by carrier, shipping
agents, and delivery dates.

Invoicing and payments

Easily view invoices, payment terms,
and posted payments. Securely integrates
into major payment gateways.

Mobile Sales Management Features
For Dynamics NAV sales apps and Dynamics 365 mobile apps
Additional Features

Available for iOS and Android device, you’ll conveniently manage customers, sales, and orders from anywhere, any time. Work where work happens – on the road, in the office, or at the client. Sales reps, remote employees, and business partners can all benefit from this convenient application.

mobile wms
Transportation Management (TMS)

Optimize routes, loads, fuel usage in addition to providing driver visibility.

Warehouse Management (WMS)

Manage orders, inventory, putaways, and picks with this convenient module.

Service Orders

Create service orders including customer, contact details for the customer, service item, item, service order type, response date and time, priority, repair status, symptom, fault, and resolution.

Print Reports

Print reports directly from the UNO app for convenience on the go.

UNO and Dynamics 365

A Winning Combination

UNO is designed to support Dynamics 365, the most popular
ERP systems now available for their robust capabilities.
Adding mobile capabilities to your ERP system will.

Improve Productivity

Improve productivity through 24/7 remote access to data for your employees and business partners.

Real Time Data

Provide real time data for improved reporting and decision making.

Convenience & Security

Provides convenience and security anytime, anywhere.

UNO for
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Mobile ERP from UNO

Mobile ERP from UNO is a flexible and scalable application that offers:

Secure, remote access

from phones and tablets

Synchronized ERP data

including customers, inventory, products, sales, warehouse, and transportation

Real time updates

for improved insights and reporting for improved insights and reporting

Seamless transactions

from sales to fulfillment and payment

Digital signatures

print from mobile, and other convenient features

Work offline

(no network required), sync when online

Available for iOS and Android


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