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The Background

About Business

Wells Lamont Industrial began producing gloves in 1907 and is still a global leader in the glove sector today. They are determined to serve their safety distributors and end customers with unrivaled technology, service, and support.

Wells Lamont is committed to providing high-quality, creative gloves by fusing design and technology to develop cut and heat-resistant gloves, palm-coated gloves, critical environment gloves, and associated leather products. Wells is the only glove maker in the United States that upwind and knits its own yarns into cut-resistant gloves.

The Challenges

The unique product range of Wells was underrepresented in their online product catalog. To discover the gloves they need, potential buyers were forced to employ complicated navigation with various filters. Products were classified based on industry and work activities rather than the type of glove required. For a better consumer experience, both the catalog and search features needed to be enhanced.

Improved sales materials were also required for sales personnel to give to consumers. Creating industry-specific brochures was a time-consuming, manual procedure that added another impediment to improved sales.

To make their items more accessible and to better help their sales team, Wells needed an upgraded eCommerce application.

The Solution

On their website, Captivix built an easy-to-use eCommerce system with custom plug-ins and product filters based on product features and categories such as brand, job, and user.

A bespoke brochure builder was also incorporated in the eCommerce system, allowing sales reps to generate product-specific brochures that targeted key client demands.

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The Result

Wells Lamont’s eCommerce application can now live up to the company’s slogan of “tenacity in excellence.” Customers may more easily locate the high-quality items they require by brand, industry, or work by using their website, which not only clearly displays their unique gloves.

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I would suggest that captivix’s is the same and we found this to be one of its biggest strengths. At no point during the process did we feel isolated. Our relationship has been and continues to be, one of collaborative effort.

- Kurt Schnakenberg


Captivix worked on vital enterprise-wide web and IT Content management initiatives. Their openness to thinking outside the box I found refreshing when interacting with the business community within the corporate environment.

- Rodne Mcgee


Captivix always exemplified the highest level of professionalism. As a nontech person, I do not always know the best path. They have been instrumental in helping me find the best path forward that suits my needs.

- Dan Taneja

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