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The Background

About Business

Wells Lamont Industrial began producing gloves in 1907 and is still a global leader in the glove sector today. They are determined to serve their safety distributors and end customers with unrivalled technology, service, and support.

Wells Lamont is committed to providing high-quality, creative gloves by fusing design and technology to develop cut and heat resistant gloves, palm coated gloves, critical environment gloves, and associated leather products. Wells is the only glove maker in the United States that upwinds and knits its own yarns into cut-resistant gloves.

The Challenges

The unique product range of Wells was underrepresented in their online product catalog. To discover the gloves they need, potential buyers were forced to employ complicated navigation with various filters. Products were classified based on industry and work activities rather than the type of glove required. For a better consumer experience, both the catalog and search features needed to be enhanced.

Improved sales materials were also required for sales personnel to give to consumers. Creating industry-specific brochures was a time-consuming, manual procedure that added another impediment to improved sales.

To make their items more accessible and to better help their sales team, Wells needed an upgraded eCommerce application.

The Solution

On their website, Captivix built an easy-to-use eCommerce system with custom plug-ins and product filters based on product features and categories such as brand, job, and user.

A bespoke brochure builder was also incorporated in the eCommerce system, allowing sales reps to generate product-specific brochures that targeted key client demands.

The Result

Wells Lamont’s eCommerce application can now live up to the company’s slogan of “tenacity in excellence.” Customers may more easily locate the high quality items they require by brand, industry, or work by using their website, which not only clearly displays their unique gloves.

Wells Lamont Industrial

Customers are guaranteed to discover the items they require for a seamless online shopping experience, whether it’s gloves for snow shovelling, protection and dexterity, farming or ranching. Sales reps may be more creative in their marketing materials by using the custom brochure maker, focusing on the specific items required without wasting time or effort.

    Because of their expertise with Microsoft Dynamics NAV systems, Captivix was able to identify system improvements, including which business processes were required to get HOS on the right track. HOS and Captivix built a trusted relationship that allowed them to work together to optimize the ERP system.

    With a focus on manufacturing operations, the team was able to replace manual functions, improve reporting with role (department) specific reporting, and give the production staff what they needed to optimize production. With access to production orders, bill of materials, supply plans, and capacity requirement plans, the team was able to report out accurate inventory levels across all locations.

    With the mobile app, sales teams could view accurate inventory levels while customer service could access customer histories and process orders

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    Digital Transformation: Strategy, ERP,
    Ecommerce, UNO: Dynamics NAV


    Digital Transformation: Strategy, ERP,
    Ecommerce, UNO: Dynamics NAV


    Digital Transformation: Strategy, ERP,
    Ecommerce, UNO: Dynamics NAV

    Leo Chen Director of Operations, Brentano Fabrics

    I enjoyed working with the Captivix team; they were true partners and helped guide us to the best solution.

      Roelof Horowitz VP Operations, Volpes

      Engaged Captivix for ERP, Ecommerce and Integration. Journey has been exceptionally well! Spot on.

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