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The Background

About Business

In heavy industries, air quality is a key problem, which is where Air Impurities Removal Systems (Air Systems) made their mark. Air Systems has committed its firm for over 40 years to offering the best equipment, reasonable pricing, and ongoing innovation.

Their products focus on eliminating pollutants from the air such as oil, dust, and odors, and they provide businesses with a variety of air collection and removal equipment. High-profile organizations in government, healthcare, military, automotive, and consumer products production are among Air Systems’ outstanding customer list.

The Challenges

Air Systems required an eCommerce site that would allow consumers to quickly compare goods ranging from big commercial purification systems to minor components and accessories. Due to their large catalog and lack of cross-referencing products, it was difficult to find the product and part required. Customers were challenged to determine if “Part A1” would fit “Machine B” or whether other goods were necessary.

Air Systems required an online shop where they could allocate components to machines, develop filters for products and filtration systems, and generate cross-selling opportunities. To put it simply, their catalog needed to be buyer-friendly in order to improve sales and provide buyers with the information they needed to make an informed decision.


The Solution

Captivix designed a custom eCommerce system that classified products to improve the customer experience using the WooCommerce application. Improvements included:

Customization allows the client to greatly increase your customer’s experience which will lead to more conversions and repeat customers, as well as being shown in studies to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. A customized platform also enables the client to present information more clearly and make it easier for customers to find exactly what they are searching for on the client eCommerce site, which helps reduce buying friction, bounce rate, as well as improving the site’s conversion rate.

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The Result

Customers of Air Systems may now more easily search for the air filtration equipment and accessories they require, allowing them to make more informed purchasing decisions. They are also reminded of the extra things they need to maintain their equipment in good working order and their air purified.

Air Impurities Removal Systems, INC

These decisions are important to customers. They are responsible to clean and protect the air in which they work and remain compliant with federal (OSHA) regulations. Ensuring the health and welfare of customers’ employees is one of the key reasons Air Systems has remained successful for over four decades.

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    I would suggest that captivix’s is the same and we found this to be one of its biggest strengths. At no point during the process did we feel isolated. Our relationship has been and continues to be, one of collaborative effort.

    - Kurt Schnakenberg


    Captivix worked on vital enterprise-wide web and IT Content management initiatives. Their openness to thinking outside the box I found refreshing when interacting with the business community within the corporate environment.

    - Rodne Mcgee


    Captivix always exemplified the highest level of professionalism. As a nontech person, I do not always know the best path. They have been instrumental in helping me find the best path forward that suits my needs.

    - Dan Taneja

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