Microsoft Dynamics AX is a top tier ERP solution that we have been implementing for our customers. The new release of Microsoft Dynamics AX (AX 7) on March 9, 2016 brought numerous updates that put the ERP solution at the very top of the industry. Gartner Magic Quadrant (updated as of December 2015) indicated Dynamics AX in the visionary moving to leader category along with SAP. Mobile-first, Cloud-first strategy puts Dynamics AX as one of the top ERP systems.

The following are a few advantages of the new Dynamics AX

Cloud-based Infrastructure

As innovative Microsoft partners and ERP solutions consultants, we have utilized cloud infrastructure to host Dynamics AX to save our client headache of maintaining physical servers. Hosting previous versions of AX over cloud was not a very straightforward task. With the new release, Microsoft took that challenge away. The new AX is available on public and private cloud (Azure – Microsoft’s cloud service). This lowers the total cost of ERP ownership especially advantageous to small and mid-sized business. So no need to worry about disaster recovery, unavailability of the ERP system caused by server issues, buy expensive server/infrastructure, and maintain security. Azure does it all for you at a much lower cost. 

User Experience

With the mobile first approach, the new AX is one of the very few ERP solutions that offers mobile and web browser access. HTML5 user experience make it very easy to access from anywhere, anytime. With the new fully web based user interface, the user experience will remain consistent regardless of the browser, operating system and device you are using. It resolves for compatibility issues that many on premise ERP systems face. The Web based user interface feels more dynamic and intuitive. 

Training Made Easy

The new task recorder functionality allows trainers to record each business process and create step by step guidelines for appropriate business users. Instead of referencing training manuals, business users can play the training and the system will auto navigate users through the sequence of steps with visual indicators. This makes the overall training exercise and user adoption very easy.

Integration with Business Intelligence (Power BI), CRM, and office productivity suites

Integration with Microsoft Power BI, Cortona Analytics, allows you to pin analytic dashboards, designed in Power BI, right into your work spaces. The new system easily integrates with Office 365, Sharepoint, and Microsoft CRM. Such improvements are important for overall data engagement and strategy.

Lifecyle Services (LCS)

Lifecycle Services (LCS) is an application that helps you manage your ERP-AX implementation from start to finish. The new LCS is a fully cloud based and integral part of the AX 7 deployment and consumption experience, and plays a key role at every step of the Implementation process, from Discovery to Go-Live support. Utilizing the new LCS will help implementation much more streamlined.

Subscription Licensing

Although we are still waiting for more information regarding subscription licensing, Microsoft has indicated availability of subscription based licensing. This new subscription licenses will enable your company to buy or cancel additional licenses according to your variable needs.

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