ERP is one of the biggest technology investments that not only help businesses operate
efficiently but can also help with generating more revenue. The process is often time-
consuming, expensive, and is a big commitment for any business. But, at the same
time, it is extremely important as it can be the deciding factor between success and
failure. The road to a successful implementation of an ERP system begins with
choosing the right partner. If the first step of the process is not carefully executed, the
implementation runs the risk of being a complete failure. So, to help you, here are 5
things you should know before you pick your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV

While the goal of every business to implement Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/
NAV, is to increase revenue and maximize growth, every business is different than the
other. With this difference in nature, comes the differences in products, services, sales
channels, logistics, accounting, taxation, etc. While choosing your ERP partner, you
need to be sure of their experience in your industry. Working with a partner who has
managed projects from your specific industry can turn out to be very beneficial as they
have complete knowledge of your requirements from past experiences. This allows a
smooth process implementation process.

Technical Know-How
Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/ NAV is an extremely powerful ERP solution for
any business. Irrespective of the scale of operations, it can fit any requirement due to its
adaptability. Your partner should be completely aware of all its capabilities and how it
can be implemented in your setup to best suit your needs. Your partner should be able
to make the correct assessment and suggest the right modifications to cater to your
needs, without having to customize the system that creates issues with upgrades and
maintenance later.

Business leaders need to choose a Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/ NAV partner
that is more proactive than reactive. Other than providing complete training, the partner
should also be very helpful and always proactively recommend solutions & modification
as per need. The partner should have the foresight and experience to be able to identify
& resolve issues before they become business blockers. ERP is not an off-the-shelf,
plug & play business solution. You should only choose a partner who is looking to make
a stable business equation rather than trying to make a one-time sale. One cannot put a
price on peace of mind. All ambitious leaders know that good technical support means
they can have sound sleep at night!

As has been repeatedly mentioned before, implementing Microsoft Dynamics Business
Central/ NAV requires modifications & customizations as per your needs. Hence, it is
extremely necessary to make sure you don’t end up with someone who is trying to
overcharge you for every little modification. While modifications can cost a lot, and can’t
be avoided if it is a business requirement, look for partners that are honest and are
aligned with your idea of growth. Work with partners who are looking to provide a
holistic solution to problems rather than doing patch-work & quick fixes. The former
approach might appear to be expensive in the beginning but is surely the more cost-
effective way.

Finally, it’s very important to find out beforehand, the process of implementation the
partner will use. This process will eventually make all the difference in the success of
the ERP implementation. The best possible way to do it is by using the AGILE
methodology. It includes a complete diagnostic and conducting an analysis to identify
high-level gaps, this helps in identifying the requirements of the business and generates
a gateway for the implementation. The second step involves implementing the core
features and out of the box solutions. The solution is then customized for gaps
according to the business process. The final step is to iterate and evolve as the needs
arise in the business process.

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