Recent events have been a wake-up call for business leaders to embrace digital transformation. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has been an eye-opener for mankind and also for businesses. The need for any business to be digitally sound and updated is crucial, now more than ever. While Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation have been the buzzwords in the business world for a while now, unfortunately, the effects on the ones who haven’t taken these seriously have now started to show. With the crisis of the pandemic, a lot of businesses with little to no inclination towards having a robust digital structure have been caught off-guard.

The good news however is that Digital Transformation, if done correctly, will surely bring instant results. Here are 5 areas of your business that can benefit from a Digital Transformation in the post COVID world. 


The post-pandemic times have seen a big shift in employee behavior and workforce management. Work from home and remote jobs have become the new norm. While it makes sure that the work gets done, it can be tricky to manage and coordinate without a strong digital structure. Working around a properly laid down digital structure makes sure employees can maximize their productivity and carry out coordinated & collaborated efforts much more efficiently. It allows the employees to be physically distant yet get the work done and stay safe with their families. 


The backbone of any business is its sales. In the case of conventional businesses with no sales channel other than physical presence/retail, it has been the worst affected. While on the other hand it has been observed in many cases, that businesses that were prepared with a digital framework in place have been able to capitalize on this opportunity and have actually seen a spike in their revenues as outdated competition ran out of business. 


It is no secret that businesses with low human dependency and high levels of automation have performed well during the COVID-19 crisis. With social distancing norms and health advisories, it is both efficient and safer to automate processes. The capabilities of IT solutions for businesses is tremendous and can help minimize human intervention or even completely automate certain business processes. 


Marketing has faced its own set of challenges in these pandemic hit times. Engaging the audience and grabbing the target market’s attention is at the forefront of all marketing activities. However, understanding the priorities of the consumer has not been easy for marketers as well. With information and data about the target market, which is collected and compiled by various solutions that can be implemented, this job becomes less tedious. Marketers can understand the pain-points of their consumers and not only market but also help develop/mold products and services to cater to their needs. 

Leadership & Planning

Business leaders have faced a huge challenge in terms of trying to deal with this situation. How to react to a certain situation comes down to having knowledge and information on consumer behavior and business trends. Digital transformation allows leaders the platform to collect this information from various data points that are not available in the case of conventional operating solutions. Observing demand patterns and trends, the leaders can make sure their service or product stays relevant in such a volatile market. It enables leaders to anticipate any problems they might face in the future and allows them to be prepared for such problems before they become business blockers. 

How should you approach your digital transformation?

Captivix can help you with it. We help organizations with their digital transformation with our proven S.P.E.C Framework (Strategy, Planning, Executing & Confirming). It includes a series of strong analytical and execution steps that help businesses maximize their potential and boosts their revenue growth. 

You know that digital transformation is necessary to keep your company competitive. But how do you choose the right partner for a lengthy and often complex journey?

We believe in practical, well-thought-out, leading solutions that are clearly communicated to our clients. In addition, we have three core values that guide our company.

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