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Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation Examples

Digital transformation examples are very inspiring in the current times, as they provide you with an insight into the actual process through real-life case studies. A lot of companies consider examples before they begin with digital transformation at their end. You must ensure that your digital transformation suits the niche you belong to and therefore, we are here to get you started.

In this blog, we will tell you everything about digital transformation examples, including the top companies that have succeeded and established themselves in the current industrial scenario through the process.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the process by which numerous companies are increasingly integrating modern technology into their work process. The process guarantees several benefits like better efficiency, speed of delivery and customer satisfaction. It largely aims at developing a better version of your company, which is more agile and customer-centric. This positive change is evident in all digital transformation examples that you can think of, and the ones we will be elaborating on.

What Does Successful Digital Transformation Mean?

Many companies are unsure about what a successful digital transformation looks like. This is obviously more confusing for companies starting anew with this project. Therefore, we have listed the following parameters that define successful digital transformation examples:

a. Better operations: It has been revealed in a survey conducted by PTC that 40% of management executives consider better operations and their efficiency to be the driving force behind most digital transformation examples.

b. Customer satisfaction: Digital transformation also helps companies cater to the needs of their customers and helps them develop a customer-oriented approach.

c. Increased revenue: As per McKinsey, B2B companies can witness a growth in their revenue by a whopping 15%, while they spend 10% less than their competitors. Digital transformation has several impacts on your revenue.

d. Advantage over others: When you deploy technology at your company, you are placed at a better position as compared to your competitors. It gives you an advantage over them and you are driven by innovation.

Digital Transformation Examples

Many companies have developed themselves drastically by starting their digital transformation process in the past. In the next few parts, we will tell you about such companies, each having its own set of reasons for beginning the project. These are the best digital transformation examples to follow:

I. Adobe

Adobe is a software company that is quite well-established in its field and is one of the key digital transformation examples. It follows a customer-centric approach. This has also been possible because of the other changes that Adobe brought about in its working like developing an employee-centric work culture, benefits, and employer branding.

The digital transformation at Adobe took place on many levels, introducing newer ways of working, which are as follows:

  1. SaaS business model
  2. Cloud-based technology
  3. Focused on enterprise clients through service packages and positioning
  4. HR management strategy
  5. Data-driven operation model

The current success of Adobe makes it one of the best digital transformation examples, as it has also proved two major points, first, digitalization has the potential to put you in a better position against your competitors. Second, it is important for each company, as it also betters communication and the ways of working.

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    II. Sonnen

    Sonnen is popular for being a renewable energy B2C service provider. It helps households generate and share electricity! This idea was so unique that the company started growing drastically and therefore, decided to start with their process, which made it one of the top digital transformation examples. The company undertook the following tasks:

    1. Quickly grow the teams
    2. Improve the service ecosystem
    3. Focus on internal processes
    4. Deal with traffic and data

    Sometime between 2017 and 2021, it began with its process, which was based on two pillars, with the first one being its transition and the second, being based on the software used for management. It also followed a customer-centric approach and improved in areas like sales, sales process and customer service among others. This process resulted in:

    1. Rise in the number of clients.
    2. Easier communication process between all stakeholders.
    3. Shift of communication to its internal software.
    4. Transparency over the business process.

    III. UPS

    UPS is one of the major digital transformation examples, and is a global shipping and supply chain management company. The company began with its digital transformation, specifically in logistics and operations, in 2012, to fasten the delivery of products and introduce real-time package tracking.

    It quite famously introduces a set of systems that helped manage data and use the same to the company’s advantage. It also created a fleet management tool, which enhanced the performance of the delivery partners and reduced costs. This system is currently also helping UPS save about $300 million to 400 million annually.

    UPS is known for its unique approach, where it keeps thriving to better itself. The company is open to challenges, which has really helped in its growth and today, it is one of the largest shipping companies in the world!

    IV. Nike

    Everybody is familiar with Nike, which is popular for its sportswear. This company also began its transformation process, in 2017, in order to create a unique identity for itself. Its objectives were to double the innovation, speed and direct connection with customers. It started off with the use of analytics and improved its strategy through UX.

    Nike was focused on its customers, for whom it tried to develop a unique shopping experience. Its constant inputs in digital transformation have helped it achieve heights and led to a growth in its stock price from $52 to almost $88 in merely two years since the beginning of the process. The company is one of the leading digital transformation examples in the world.

    V. IKEA  

    It was in 2018 when Ikea began its process of becoming one of the best digital transformation examples. It focused its attention on developing e-commerce, transforming its stores and connecting well with clients. It put to use algorithms and analytics, which helped the company in better decision-making. It also followed a customer-first approach, just like all digital transformation examples and prioritized their needs.

    The company’s transformation team was also joined by Barbara Martin Coppola, ex-Google and Samsung advisor. She handled the post of Chief Digital Officer, and famously said, “Digital needs to be embedded in every aspect of IKEA.” Ikea went through a lot of changes, in different spheres:

    1. It developed its e-commerce platforms to reach out to a larger audience.
    2. It transformed its stores into fulfilment centres, and was focused on data.
    3. It also prioritized customers by integrating their offline and online interaction.

    VI. Microsoft

    Microsoft is quite popular in the digital world for its services like MS Office, and Windows. The company started off on its journey to becoming one of the main digital transformation examples by prioritizing its customers. It digitalized itself by launching its services on smartphones, making itself widely accessible.

    The company also collaborated with Dropbox and introduced its One Drive service, which is supported by cloud-based technology. It also worked with other top firms like Amazon and Red Hat. It is because of the massive success of this project that Microsoft also purchased companies like GitHub, LinkedIn and even, Minecraft.

    Microsoft’s stock price, as per NASDAQ, closed at 279. 43 USD (+3.23) on the 18th of March, 2023, and its revenue in December, 2022 was recorded as. 69,46,17,92,400 USD.

    Industry-wise Digital Transformation Examples

    Now that you have an idea about the top digital transformation examples and how they have climbed up the ladder of success, we will elaborate on the industry-wise digital transformation examples. This will help you understand the entire process as per the needs of your industry.

    I. Manufacturing

    The manufacturing industry has also seen a massive change through digital transformation projects. This has helped companies get better and allowed them to predict through detailed analytics. It has also facilitated the management of supply chains and reduced costs for customers drastically!

    To cite an example, Desktop Metal has introduced a technology specifically for 3D-printed metals. This technology is becoming popular among automated manufacturers. Moreover, this technology is being used in other areas like aerospace, medical, and dental industries and for luxury items.

    II. Banking

    Digital transformation makes banking an easier task through which customers can access their money easily. It facilitates online transactions so that customers can transfer and receive money from practically anywhere. The introduction of ATM machines and cashless transactions through net banking has also transformed the banking industry significantly.

    Moreover, senior citizens can also sit at their homes and access information related to their bank accounts easily. Banks are also increasingly deploying services through UPI, MasterCard, VISA and other interfaces, where customers can easily pay bills and purchase items easily.

    Capital One is one of the leading digital transformation examples, which took over ING Direct and began with its digital transformation process. The company focused mainly on its software and today, it has over 500 artificial intelligence patents! Similarly, Intergiro built, what is called, embedded banking. Under this, everything from payrolls to invoices is automated and simple.

    III. Retail

    The retail sector has also been impacted by the digital wave through which customers can make use of e-coupons and ‘loyalty cards’ to save more with every purchase. Special discounts through vouchers have helped retail chains attract a large number of people as well. Customers can now avail the benefit of schemes like “Buy 2, Get 1” and shop more.

    Digital transformation helps these consumers access all offers and coupons digitally, without fearing their loss. Moreover, the use of AI and IoT makes things easier in the long run. Amazon has, for example, introduced Dash Buttons, which allow customers to automatically reorder items, whenever required. All costs are added to the Amazon Prime account and can be paid later.

    Walmart is one of the best digital transformation examples in the retail industry and this company also modernized itself with the voice ordering feature. It allows customers to shop using voice commands. The Walmart app has also introduced a visual search feature, which will let customers find the product they are looking for in the store easily!

    IV. Healthcare

    The healthcare industry has also seen massive digitalization recently like the introduction of real-time health monitoring, e-portals for patients, and even virtual health visits by doctors. This is being widely adopted, keeping in mind the concerns of the senior citizens, making their experience better and less tiresome.

    A good example is that of Atria Senior Living, based in Kentucky. This company developed a customer management system (CRM). This really helped the company track several important things related to its patients. It also introduced an application that lets patients interact with their family members and this was quite popular during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    V. Marketing

    Digital transformation examples in the marketing industry are inclined towards finding more customers. This process is not very cost-intensive, and companies can connect with customers personally and solve their problems with the least effort. Moreover, digital marketing popularizes businesses easily.

    Marketing technology, popularly known as martech, has over 8,000 products to offer and its growth between 2011 and 2020 reached about 5,233%! To be sure, digital marketing channels involve digital material, email marketing, advertising on social media, and developing a website or a mobile app.

    In the marketing industry, digital transformation proves to be beneficial in the following ways:

    1. Less expensive materials can be used for marketing, as everything becomes digital.
    2. It automates marketing and helps communicate with customers quite efficiently.
    3. Reduces rent and utilities and increases accessibility.
    4. Helps in targeting customers and personalizing products and services.

    VI. Transportation

    Transportation is another industry with the best digital transformation examples. One such example is Tesla, which used technology to its advantage by introducing autopilot mode for driving the car. Moreover, the electrification of cars has reduced the dependence on fuels and is considered a step towards the use of green energy.

    Hyundai is another example, as it recently took over Boston Dynamics. The company aims at entering the metaverse along with its cars and delivering tougher competition in the market. The transportation industry is therefore moving towards a faster, better and improved version of itself, through technological advancement.

    VII. Insurance

    Through digital transformation, insurance companies can spread the word about their new offers and policies by SMS or email. It has made the task of popularizing new schemes easier. Also, customers can now access all their data and enjoy the benefits of their chosen policy, with just one click. It has also made buying and selling policies digital.

    Kroodle is a Dutch insurance company that uses social media (Facebook) to communicate with its customers. They can choose policies, file claims and request assistance through their profiles easily. Similarly, Farmers Insurance is becoming popular among farmers, as the company allows them to monitor their crops through drones. This also lets them assess the quality of their products and predict issues.

    VIII. Food service and supermarkets

    Online food service is becoming prominent these days and there are multiple digital transformation examples of the same. The first one is Dominos Pizza, which thought of allowing its customers to order pizza, in 2011, using a smartphone in just 17 seconds. The company developed its app, which lets customers order their favourite pizza and customize the same. It also lets them track their order.

    Another example is that of Wegmans which allows its customers to digitally scan their groceries, using their online app. They are only required to pay the bill at the counter before leaving. Today, the company has an annual revenue of more than $10.8 billion, which speaks volumes about its services.

    IX. Logistics

    The logistics industry has also digitally transformed itself in order to prioritize its customers. The growing use of technology lets companies track delivery, boost productivity, optimize travel routes and improve their overall functioning. Companies like DHL Supply Chain, FedEx and UPS use technology to assess the KPIs, examine analytics and better the customer experience.

    Many companies, like UPS, are also increasingly using fleet management systems. They are also investing in technological features like fuel optimization, fleet tracking and geofencing that practically reduce time and effort on part of both, the delivery agent and the customer. This ensures faster delivery of goods.

    X. Education

    The education industry has moved towards digitalization, specifically after the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 1.5 billion students across the world have shifted to the online mode of learning. Education is increasingly becoming technological and many global universities are adopting it for better results.

    The Arizona State University has allowed the use of Amazon Echo Dot, which are devices that can be used as voice assistants across the campus by students. This is a new way to spread information about the university. Moreover, the Carnegie Learning has introduced its math learning platform, MATHia. This platform utilizes AI as a student’s personal tutor, and helps them understand the subject.

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      In this blog, we have elaborated on digital transformation examples. We have also given examples of nine top companies that have climbed the ladder of success using digital transformation. Moreover, to help you out, we have also elucidated the industry-wise digital transformation examples. We hope that this helps you out and that your company also reaches the list of the best digital transformation examples soon!