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Shopify ERP Integration: Seamless Integration
Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that allows businesses to create online stores and sell their products to customers globally. Since the COVID-19 pandemic eCommerce platform has become popular due...
Magento Integration With ERP
Magento Integration with ERP: The Complete Guide
Magento integration with ERP is increasingly becoming popular across eCommerce companies because of the rapid sales growth and positive impact that it can have on their online stores. Since COVID-19...
Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Integration with WooCommerce
Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Integration with WooCommerce
The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics integration with WooCommerce are numerous and ensure optimum advantage for the company as well as the customers. In the coming sections, we will talk about...
Integrate WooCommerce with Microsoft Dynamics
Integrate WooCommerce with Microsoft Dynamics 365 [Guide]
WooCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics are the two most valuable tools used by eCommerce businesses to generate revenue. Also, to reach out to target customers with driving sales businesses are using...
Microsoft Dynamics
Latest updates for Microsoft Dynamics BC & NAV
Didn’t get time to catch up on updates about Dynamics ERP solutions, including the latest versions of NAV and Business Central On-Premises. Check out below links to understand what changed...
ERP Upgrade and Support
Reimplementing VS Upgrade to Business Central
With technological advancement comes a responsibility to keep oneself updated. The ERP industry is no exception and changes rapidly with the advent of new tools crucial to your business. It...
ERP Free trial
Try it Before you Buy it: Free Microsoft Dynamics Guided Assessment Trial
Microsoft Dynamics is the leading, fully integrated, cloud-based business software. But even the best ERP systems require hands on experience for successful implementation. That is why Captivix will provide you...