Business Process Management (BPM) software are those applications which can be used to measure, optimize and automate business processes. BPM tools are a combination of workflow and collaboration suites which help provide tangible results to the management team.

Need for BPM

Your organization works because many processes are being executed in serial or parallel manner. You need these processes to work quickly and efficiently without errors. For example, the ordering process is a series of checks done by finance for credit worthiness of the customer, by warehouse to check on availability of material, by manufacturing on the time taken to complete production etc. Within each of these departments, there are many other sub-processes that are happening as well. The more efficient and quicker these processes are, the faster you are able to respond to customer demands.

As per Gartner, “BPM brings attention to the highest-value processes — the ones that are most aligned with the business goals and strategy — for the best return on investment.”

What does the organization gain by implementing BPM?

Deployment methods

Microsoft Dynamics GP

With many organizations adopting a Cloud-First policy, deployment of BPM software on cloud is becoming increasingly common. The users get to access the software through a web browser hosted on the servers of the vendor or 3rd party hosting services. Some of the main benefits of Cloud deployment are BPM are –

The more traditional approach to deploying software has always been deploying on the organization’s own infrastructure. There are many benefits to this mode of deployment –

Few options to consider

The market has several different BPM softwares to choose from. While selecting the BPM solution, you must make sure that it fits your needs.

BPM software in recent years have made themselves indispensable tools in our continuous efforts to extract process efficiencies in different domains. With the advent of leaps in technology like machine learning, artificial intelligence etc, we only see them moving forward, becoming better and providing more value.

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