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5 Solutions you need for your e-commerce store to make your life easier.

Managing an eCommerce business can be a challenge. There is so much one has to take care of other than just focusing on the products they are selling. Right from the website functionalities to payment gateways and shipping partners, every detail requires attention for the online store to function smoothly. Thankfully, there are a number of different tools that can help you out. Here are 5 such solutions for your eCommerce store.   

Google Analytics

It is free of cost website analysis tool by Google that allows you to monitor traffic, behavior, audience demographics, conversions, etc. It gives you a complete insight on people are interacting with your online store and that too in real-time. It can also create reports for you to make analysis and subsequently make better decisions.   

Facebook Ads

For any online store, exposure is extremely important. Organic growth is the best way to go for any business, but unfortunately due to high competition on the web, brands and businesses don’t get the reach even after being good at what they do. Publishing content on social media platforms is the solution. Advertising on Facebook is such an option. With millions of users, Facebook is a great platform to promote your product/service. It provides a huge pool of audience and multiple options to create targeted campaigns for different ages, gender, demographics like interests, behavior, etc.  


MailChimp is an extremely powerful email marketing tool. It allows you to create campaigns and send out Newsletters, Offers, Sales sequence mails among others to your customers. You can create drip campaigns, design landing pages, schedule emails for later, have emails sent out on being triggered by a specific action, and also view reports of how your campaign has performed.  


It is a tool that gives you access to an on-demand team of lawyers that you might need at various points in the operations of your business. A growing business is constantly in the need of legal advice for various things like trademarks, branding, patents, intellectual property, contracts, service agreements, employment agreements, etc. UpCounsel provides complete legal solutions for its users.

ERP e-Commerce Plugin (Captivix)  

This is one of the best plugins that you would integrate into your e-commerce store. It connects your online store to your ERP system and synchronizes data in real-time. This allows you to manage your business in a better way and focus on what is more important, rather than manually making data entries. If you have multiple sales points, you do not have to worry about maintaining inventory and other sales-related data separately. The plugin will work cohesively will make sure your webstore is like any other point of sales. It works with all major e-commerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, etc. All these platforms can be integrated with any of the major ERP systems that you might be using. Eg: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, Oracle Netsuite, Salesforce, etc.

Captivix also offers a mobile ERP application for Dynamics 365. It brings your ERP system to your mobile device and works in real-time and can also be operated offline. When implemented together, these 2 tools are capable of optimizing the user experience and productivity of your ERP system and online store.


Captivix is a leader in Digital Transformation. We are committed to providing solutions for businesses that help them improve productivity, lower costs, and scale profitability. Partnering up with businesses from around the world, we have helped over 100 companies in designing and implementing their Digital Transformation strategies. 

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