Scaling your Business with Data Analytics

Seamless reporting for accounting, finance, and management

To scale your business, your employees create information that drives better business decisions, not lose productivity gathering, analyzing and reporting routine data. You need agile solutions that solve today’s problems while scaling your business for tomorrow.

Comprehensive BI-Reporting and Analytics solutions unite your accounting and finance teams, allowing them to proactively report information. Organizations benefit from:

One Source of Truth

Data is only valuable if it can be turned into information. Your systems are designed to collect and manage data, but can they create the comprehensive analytics required for today’s competitive, data-driven organization?

Data Warehousing

Collect and store enterprise-wide data for one source of truth.

Provide access to authorized personnel for accurate reporting.

Reporting Services

Dynamic interactive custom dashboards designed for your business’s specific needs.

Integrated budgeting solutions that allow sophisticated forecasting.


KPIs for the data-driven decision-making your management teams require.

Use predictive and historical data for your specific reporting needs.

Having the right tools on board will help you scale your business, quickly, by seamlessly connecting your financial departments. Captivix also offers onsite training to facilitate knowledge transfer and keep your teams productive.

Captivix experience includes

Captivix has worked with 30 clients to bring BI and analytics into their organizations, resulting in a high-performance culture.

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