Captivix Capabilities Analysis And Deployment

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Captivix Mobile ERP Datasheet

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Declare Your Independence From Packaged Software – Infographic

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Digital Transformation Master Class – Systems Integration

Date: Thursday, April 4, 2019

Captivix founder and CEO, Rahul Maheshwary gives the straight scoop on why integrating your enterprise systems is critical and a key initiative of Digital Transformation. You’ll get the latest in digital transformation initiatives you can use right away. If you look after supply chain, retail or manufacturing in your company, this series is for you.

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The Digital Transformation Starts With You – On-Demand Webinar

As we work with companies seeking to digitally transform their business, we regularly hear questions about how they can best get started. How to evaluate risks and rewards.

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The Custom Development Declaration of Independence

This whitepaper will compare modern-day custom software development with packaged applications, look at the pros and cons of each, determine the total cost of ownership – including the increasingly important human factor – and provide considerations that knowledgeable business champions should reflect on when embarking on a software project.

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No Pain No Gain – Successful ERP Implementation

Remember when considering an ERP solution, or starting an implementation there is life beyond the ERP project and the journey is an ongoing process that requires good relationships. The more deliberate the journey, the more exciting the destination.

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“Digital Transformation Starts With You” – Excerpt Demo Mobile App

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“Digital Transformation Starts With You” – Excerpt Demo ERP Integration with eCommerce

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