AI-Driven Supply Chain Automation

A lot of back and forth is required to identify logistic solutions/partners (transportation and warehousing) for a supply chain project.
60% of the route and partner selection are mapped by the AI solution for the project manager’s review.


Integration & Preprocessing with Python/Pandas

The system integrates with various data sources and APIs, collecting and structuring data for analysis, including handling missing values, outliers, and normalizing variables.

ML Models with TensorFlow/Scikit-learn & TFRS

Predictive models forecast demand, identify routes, and assess logistics partners’ performance. Route optimization and partner recommendations are driven by machine learning algorithms, considering factors like cost, time, reliability, and historical data.

Continuous Learning with TensorFlow

An intuitive NLP allows project managers to interact with the AI system. The system learns from decisions and feedback, updating models to adapt to changes in the supply chain landscape.

Integration with with PowerBI and ERP

The AI solution integrates with existing project management tools for seamless collaboration. Dashboards provide KPIs related to supply chain efficiency, enabling tracking and analysis of AI-driven decisions.


Efficient Partner Identification

It reduced unnecessary back-and-forth communication by streamlining the process of logistics partner selection for different supply chain projects, thereby increasing operational efficiency and saving time.

Optimized Route Planning

By enhancing route efficiency, this custom Developed AI deve solution significantly reduces delays. It improves overall supply chain operations by facilitating smoother and quicker deliveries, contributing to customer satisfaction.

Resource Optimization

Resource allocation becomes highly efficient with this tool, particularly in areas of transportation and warehousing. It ensures resources are used to their fullest capacity, reducing waste and increasing profitability.

Scalability and Compliance

The system is designed to adapt seamlessly to the evolving demands of varying supply chain projects, making it highly scalable. Additionally, it ensures consistent compliance with all regulations and industry standards, minimizing legal risks.
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