AI-Driven Image Recognition For Bar And Breweries

Manual beer tap and bottle identification processes in bars and breweries lead to delays in service and customer dissatisfaction, affecting both customer and staff efficiency.
Custom AI development and smartphone integration for seamless image recognition of beer taps and bottles, aiming to reduce wait times, ensure order accuracy, and enhance service efficiency


Computer Vision Model

We developed a robust computer vision model using deep learning techniques and trained it on a diverse dataset of beer taps and bottles. The model is designed to handle different lighting conditions, angles, and variations in appearance.

Data Collection and Labeling

A comprehensive dataset of images containing various beer taps and bottles was collected and accurately labeled using LabelIng for supervised learning. This allows the model to identify specific taps and bottles with precision.

Smartphone Integration

We developed a user-friendly smartphone app that integrates with the AI model. The app allows users to capture images of beer taps or bottles, enabling real- time image recognition based on the captured image.

Cloud-Based Processing

The trained computer vision model is hosted on an AWS cloud server for efficient and scalable processing. This allows the mobile app to send images to the server for prompt identification results.


Improved Order Accuracy

The precise recognition feature of our custom solution ensures accurate orders. This minimizes the chances of errors, leading to a reduction in customer dissatisfaction and refunds, while boosting customer trust and brand reputation.

Efficient Service

It’s ability to quickly identify taps and bottles equips bartenders with the necessary tools to provide faster service. This results in reduced wait times, increased customer turnaround, and boosts overall operational efficiency

Effective Inventory Management

By tracking inventory levels in real-time, our solution helps reduce stock discrepancies and optimizes restocking processes. This leads to decreased inventory costs, waste reduction, and improved profit margins.

Boosted Productivity & Customer Satisfaction

Our Solution streamlines service, allowing staff to prioritize personalized customer interaction. This boosts efficiency, fosters repeat business, enhances reviews, and elevates both customer satisfaction and staff morale.
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