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Remember the Henry Ford quote, “If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.” The point is maybe your business needs a high performance automobile, instead of a race horse.

Our clients share common challenges. As they grow and succeed they find themselves buried under inefficient operational processes and outmoded technology. They realize they’re wasting hours each day that should have been invested in long-term strategic initiatives that could have delivered more sales, revenues and profits.

We design workflow management systems that reduce administrative errors, improve communication, and increase business efficiencies with fewer repetitive steps. Which saves our clients substantial time and money.

We believe simplicity is part of quality. It’s all about the shortest distance from input point A thru multiple process steps to result B. Our design decisions are based on user ease and efficiency. Our workflow management system consists of efficient implementation, user friendly workflow with visual instruction, and real time interactive sharing of information.

We begin with a thorough consultation that identifies any and all problems and inefficiencies in the current system. Then we set quantifiable goals. And develop a design to correct those issues.

You won’t see our team drop the ball on the one yard line. We train your managers with online demos and in-house learning sessions to ensure everyone gets the most from your investment.

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 logo_xmplifi Custom Application,
Workflow Management Sytem
Xmplifi is a market leader in employee advocacy marketing. Their programs increase positive brand awareness by enabling their clients to create and share content with their employees, who easily re-distribute this content on their personal social networks. In this way their clients leverage the combined power of their cumulative social network reach.

During our initial conversations, Rahul and Captivix team separated themselves from others on their clear thought process, and simple approach to provide the desired solution. Since then, the team has been a great partner providing answer to all our challenges. They understood our vision and delivered a top notch solution.”
Scott Golas, CEO


Workflow Management System
PhRealms is a workflow management system for pharmaceutical companies to execute operational steps during the lengthy and complex drug release process. The system also allows corporate users to share relevant information among various team members.

“Captivix has demonstrated strong professional skills and expertise to help us build a better product than expected.”
PhRealms Management

Looking to increase accuracy and efficiency in your operations?

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