Non Profits

Non-profit organizations rely on the communication initiatives with their supporters to raise funds or develop new missions. This dependency is only going to evolve further with the advancement of technology. Non-profits require similar transparency in their operations as any other for-profit organization. Therefore it is necessary to have proper ERP systems in place that provide visibility to their donors, governments, and supporters.

Captivix leverages technology opportunities that exist for nonprofit organizations to deliver on their goals efficiently. Below is a glimpse of some of the offerings that we believe will have a significant impact on how you operate your NPOs, including educational institutions, charitable organizations, governing or accreditation institutions.


You may wonder how a non-profit ERP system can benefit your non-profit organization. While it’s true that your organization may not have complex processes of manufacturing and inventory management, but it shares many of the same internal processes as commercial entities. For example, your non-profit may need to purchase and pay for goods, services and process payroll.
Often NPOs do not have the requisite IT resources to develop and maintain complex ERP systems or ERP solutions. Thus, a feature rich ERP system can help your NPO control and optimize operations.
After completing multiple non profit ERP implementations, Captivix has a deep understanding of operational issues and expertise to resolve those without adding any complexities.

  • Optimize your fund raising campaigns
  • Deliver consistent messaging between sales and marketing
  • Increase the retention rates, reduce sales cycles, and increase closure rates
  • Manage your member data effectively
  • Gain real time access to all your financial and member data
  • Improve and accurately report your operational and project management data


Depending on your NPO requirements and scale, a nonprofit ERP solution may be overkill. But it is still critical to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your staff and systems. Therefore investing in workflow automation might make sense for your non-profit organization. Few of the many benefits of workflow automation for NPOs include:

  • Digitize your communications and eliminate the use of paper copy
  • Reduce rework by managing the required documents for staff review
  • Manage access to information to donors, staff and other stakeholders
  • Store and easily retrieve reports
  • Maintain the necessary rules of confidentiality and security
  • Automate and monitor compliance rules and standards
  • Automate the audit process, quality reviews and more


Most effective non-profits are already demanding functionality rich ERP systems and high performance technical platforms. Over the past few years we have integrated donor management software with other platforms like accounting software, email marketing tools, social media platforms and more.

Captivix can help integrate such platforms that improve the overall efficiency of your NPO processes.


Employee Advocacy platforms can help increase your brand loyalty among donors, volunteers, supporters and friends who contribute year after year despite getting solicitations from other completing organizations.

Captivix can help you set up and strengthen brand loyalty by implementing both customer (and donor) loyalty and employee advocacy platforms. Our experts have several techniques up our sleeves for building brands that are effective for non-profit organizations (NPOs). Learn more about our customer loyalty and employee advocacy offerings.