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ERP for Manufacturing and Distribution

Reduce manual errors and spread sheet based processes


“Our company operates in an industry where efficacy is measured on how we tackle hiccups and obstacles as much as avoiding them. I would suggest that Captivix’s is the same and we found this to be one of its biggest strengths. At no point during the process did we feel isolated. Our relationship has been, and continues to be, one of collaborative effort.”

Kurt Schnakenberg

Chicago Brass

“During our initial conversations, Captivix separated themselves from others on their clear thought process, simple, and transparent approach. They asked the right questions to understand our challenges and delivered a top-notch solution.”

Scott Golas


Case Studies


Founded in 1990, Brentano has grown significantly from modest beginnings to an international textile house. With this growth, the company required an ERP system geared towards small and mid- size businesses to be scalable as Brentano continues to grow.


  • Access and Excel based systems lead to manual error prone operations
  • No real time visibility and reports
  • Manual updates to websites, customers, and vendors


  • Optimize and streamline all operations
  • Significant reduction in manual errors and manual time spent
  • Better control and cost savings leading to higher margin


The company has been providing luxury architectural door and hardware to general contractors, designers and architects both nationally and internationally.


  • Difficult to accommodate unique business operations within an off-the-shelf ERP or software package
  • Several systems to be integrated across different physical locations
  • Significant manual processes


  • Design and implement unified system integrating processes from all departments
  • Significant reduction in manual time spent on redundant operations
  • Real-time visibility across the business