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Do you believe your business could be running more efficiently? Maybe you’re not using the right tools.

ERP Solutions

Captivix is a leading ERP implementation partner providing customized solutions. Our clients consider us a valuable partner, not only because we strive to understand your overall business, but recommend solution to further optimize your operations and meet your strategic long-term business goals. We do not believe in providing “cookie cutter” solutions, but customize the base ERP/CRM platform to increase your operational productivity. Our job doesn’t stop at implementation. We support the onboarding process with complete training and custom manuals written specifically for your business operation. Our manuals and exhaustive training sessions greatly reduce the need for more expensive support after launch.

We implement leading ERP and CRM solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, and NetSuite. We are a leading Microsoft certified partner.

ERP on cloud

We are experts at implementing ERP, CRM solution over cloud. For example, most of our Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation are over cloud – Microsoft Azure. Our cloud implementations decrease infrastructure overhead without compromising performance and security. Out vast experience in cloud computing further helps us integrate a wide variety of standard and custom technologies, so you always enjoy optimal ERP and CRM solutions.

Business Intelligence – Visualize and Analyze

Do you have to review countless data points and reports to make simple business decisions?
More data doesn’t empower you to make critical decisions unless that data is presented in a meaningful and timely manner. Our deep expertise in business intelligence and data warehousing helps us create platforms that accomplish 2 outcomes: capture the appropriate data sources, and allow you to visualize and analyze your data in a new light. The result helps identify new areas of opportunity to further grow your business.

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Business Intelligence
Chicago Brass has been providing brand name and bespoke hardware to interior designers and architect. Over the course of 9 decades they had cobbled together a variety of process management systems and software packages that were not integrated. This created highly inefficient operational and management processes.

Tired of inventing “work-around(s)” to optimize your business?

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