Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


Enterprise Resource Planning systems eliminate errors, distractions and process tedium through systematic, automated business workflows.

– Maximize workflow efficiency
– Reduce administrative errors
– Improve communications
– Avoid costly mistakes
– Prepare for operational scale

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“..strong professional skills and expertise..” -PH Realms

Recent client:

Chicago Brass – Architectural Hardware

Chicago Brass has been providing brand name and bespoke hardware to interior designers and architect. Over the course of 9 decades they had cobbled together a variety of process management systems and software packages that were not integrated. This created highly inefficient operational and management processes.
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  • Disjointed systems and software across different physical locations, and various department such as sales and marketing, accounting and general ledger, procurement, inventory management, and warehouse management.
  • Significant manual labor hours wasted while managing day to day operations.
  • Unique business processes did not lend themselves easily to off-the-shelf software packages.
  • ERP solution would need to be scalable over time for multiple departments at multiple physical locations.
  • Client lacked the physical space and technological expertise for internal hosting.
  • High occurances of administrative errors.

Our solution

  • Leveraged our Big Picture, Chunk Down analytic approach.
  • Guided the project on a step-by-step basis to ensure the project was driven by sound technical requirements, and the recommended solutions to achieve the desired business outcomes.
  • Implemented ERP solution on Microsoft Dynamics AX after evaluating multiple options and determining Dynamics AX was the technology best suited to meet the long-term needs of Chicago Brass.
  • Customized the sales and marketing module to accommodate the unique business development and account management processes.
  • Recommended hosting Dynamics AX on cloud based Microsoft Azure, instead of on-site hosting.

End result

  • Designed and implemented a unified system integrating processes from all departments.
  • Reduced administrative errors.
  • Availability of realtime information that increased customer satisfaction.
  • Operational redesigned and system integration saved over 50% of manual hours.