A Proven Digital Transformation Strategy

Use a framework that understand the business needs, data driven to identify opportunities
to create successful roadmap for growth and plan of action.

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What Is Digital Transformation Strategy?

Digital transformation strategy is process to identify and build the roadmap of businesses who are willing to shift their growth parameters towards more improved business processes and develop new capabilities and business models.

A winning digital transformation strategy requires you to:

The SPEC Framework For Successful Digital Transformation Strategy

Core Competency

Recognizing what you are best at, and harnessing technology to magnify your strengths will give you a competitive advantage.
Listen to the digital-savvy leaders in the room when doing your market analysis and keep in mind that technology can both drive tremendous growth – and powerful disruptions. You also need to have a clear understanding of your constraints, including compliance and/or regulatory limitations, manpower, budget, and other resources.

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You need to look at the important stakeholders and build a team that can lead the transformation process. Include leadership from Operations, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Customer Service, and digital-savvy IT leaders.
You can also include other stakeholders, including customers on the leading edge of what’s next? Once you assemble the leaders, you need to discuss your ambitions and create a unified vision for your transformation.

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Performance Metrics

Make sure to build digital success metrics to track the Keep Performance Indicators of each aspect of your Strategy.
These will help you assess if your strategy is on target or needs realignment. Identify the Key Performance Indicators that measure your success – usually a few metrics will suffice.

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Culture of Transformation

Your design needs to be multifaceted and address 3 degrees of transformation: In business, in experience, and in culture.
Your business transformation includes your go-to-market strategy and the delivery of your product/service. Your strategy should also address how the experiences of all stakeholders will be transformed.

Establishing a clear digital transformation strategy at the beginning of your project will:

Our Digital Transformation Framework:

The SPEC Framework

After working with more than 30 clients, we use our proven SPEC
digital transformation framework to ensure you
get the results you need to improve your competitive edge.


We focus on your vision, engage leadership, and identify competitive strengths to create a Digital Success Matrix that guides your digital transformation initiatives.


We dig deep into your business objectives and choose the technologies (mobile apps, ERP, eCommerce, or custom web applications) to create your Digital Transformation Roadmap.


Momentum is critical in the execution phase. Our experts use proven Agile methodologies to create digital solutions that align with your Digital Success Matrix and Roadmap.


Your project is “done” when feedback from your employees, customers, and third parties validates that your solution performs as intended and meets your idea of success.

The SPEC Digital Transformation Framework is designed to:

The SPEC Digital Transformation Framework


Successful digital transformation requires a strategy that clearly outlines your initiatives.
You’ll engage the right leadership, learn from your end users, and create a foundation for the next step: planning your roadmap

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Based on your strategy, you’ll create a roadmap that details the resources you’ll need, including people, time, and technology.
You’ll also perform a gap analysis to see if you have the right expertise onboard before you move to the next stage: executing

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An agile approach provides the digital transformation example you’ll need to successfully execute your project.
In this stage, you’ll strive for quick results that help you build a solid digital core for your business transformation efforts

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The confirming stage provides the metrics you’ll need to evaluate your transformation efforts.
You’ll understand if your new application performs as expected and if users’ adoption targets are being met. This last step will ensure a successful digital transformation project.

The SPEC framework provides:

House of Spices

Digital transformation strategy is process to identify and build the roadmap of businesses who are willing to shift their growth parameters towards more improved business processes and develop new capabilities and business models.

Does the SPEC Framework work?

Read the case study below to find out more

What Is Digital Transformation Roadmap ?

Digital Transformation Roadmap is key to your success for business transformation. Captivix’s SPEC Framework helps you plan and execute step by step process.

A Digital Transformation Roadmap must:

The SPEC Framework For Successful Digital Transformation Roadmap

A One-Year Roadmap

What do you need to achieve your goals? .
Make sure to list your requirements in each of these categories: systems, people, time, and budget. Initiatives in the roadmap must be more defined for near-term quarters, and can be left in general terms for the long-term. With today’s changing environment, a short term, agile approach works best for most companies.

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Gap Analysis

You need to understand the gaps between what you need and what you have, and plan to fill those gaps.
Your IT team should audit your existing applications so that the leadership team clearly understands what you are working with today, categorizing applications into New additions, Retained, Upgraded, Automated, and Retired. Evaluate your people resources to see if you have the expertise to accomplish all parts of your strategy.

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Identify Initiatives

Internal Transformation, External Transformation, and a Culture of Transformation will be the core parts of your strategy. .
Internal transformation focuses on operational efficiencies, including automation of current processes. External transformations focus on revenue and customer experience improved through e-commerce solutions and mobile applications. A Culture of Transformation focuses on engaging, educating, and empowering people who drive your transformation forward.

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Build the Map

Your digital transformation roadmap will include actionable plans, methodologies, timelines, resources, and people allocated to each initiative.
Don’t forget to include metrics to measure your progress. A digital consulting expert can provide insight to your plan based on their experience and market conditions

The SPEC roadmap will help you reach your digital business transformation goals by:

What Is Digital Transformation Execution?

Address Digital Transformation Challenges by building and execting Agile Transformation Framework and right Mindset and Skillset.

Confirming your digital transformation project requires:

Digital Transformation Executing with Agile

Agile Mindset & Skillset

The Agile Framework is an iterative approach that focuses on small sections of a project with rapid development cycles..
This approach allows teams to respond to issues as they arise, exposing small problems frequently rather than risk a larger failure late in the game. Your team will adopt a “fail fast, learn faster” mindset.

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Using the scaled agile framework, you’ll use sprints to execute your roadmap.
You’ll reimagine the way you do business which will fundamentally alter the skill sets required to deliver your products and services, and support your customers. Sprints, usually 2 weeks in length, will allow you to divide your work into segments for quicker releases.

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Release Management

The digital-savvy people on your team, usually Director of IT or DevOps, will use release Management techniques to help you plan, schedule and control your digital work in a reliable way.
This approach includes automated releases, continuous integration/continuous delivery, and other elements that will make your releases much less stressful and hassle free.

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Product Backlog & Demos

Your roadmap will be translated into an agile product backlog, a prioritized list of tasks to accomplish.
You’ll create user stories that describe how each MVP (Minimum Viable Product or deliverable) should look and provide a demonstration to your stakeholders for approval. Your team will learn quickly during each sprint and improve their approach for the next sprint. Your team may consider following Lean Startup methodology to create a feedback loop during your project.

You will achieve your digital business transformation objectives by:

Digital Transformation Metrics To Measure

DOES YOUR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION PROJECT Engage stakeholders and measure results?

Confirming your digital transformation Metrics requires:

The Digital Transformation Metrics For Confirming


Feedback is externally facing and will help you measure success with customers and partners, the revenue generated as well as new market opportunities and performance data.
Learn what your customers and business partners do and don’t like about your processes and applications to improve your customer experience strategy.. Include customers and business partners who are on the “leading edge” for ideas on how to improve your offerings.

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Adoption is internally facing and measured through explicit factors with employees and partners.
At the beginning of the project, it is important to include these users so they more readily adopt the application when it is rolled out and serve as influencers to the rest of the organization..

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You also need to look at Time, Budget, and your Operating Model. If projects are taking too long to measure, they should be broken into even smaller chunks.
Confirmation asks you to look at your entire Operating Model. This isn’t business as usual. Everything can be improved upon. Include customer experience metrics to gauge the reaction of your market.

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Mindset is culturally focused and aims to measure the implicit factors that drive a culture of transformation.
Are you winning the hearts and minds of your team? New processes and technology, and the level to which people participate and adopt them, will go a long ways towards a successful digital transformation.

The Digital transformation metrics confirming process will help you:

Digital Transformation Strategiy - Case Studies

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