Rescue Software Project Reaps Dividends


This client manufactures and distributes Indian ingredients, snacks, and sweets for customers in the United States and Canada. It is a food distribution company and an industry leader in Indian food processing.


  • Complete breakdown of existing implementation project
  • Little to no accurate tracking of manufacturing costs
  • Manual reporting and communications
  • No access into system when sales was in-field with customers
  • Limited multi-company financial reporting


  • Software project rescue
  • Accurately track manufacturing costs and profitability
  • Streamline financial systems and inventory across the enterprise and easily build meaningful reports
  • Improve the rate of sales and marketing success through mobility
  • Provide staff with a single view of the customer either at the office or while on customer site

This client manufactures and distributes Indian ingredients, snacks, and sweets for customers in the United States and Canada. It is a food distribution company and an industry leader in Indian food processing.

To keep up with their growing company – and ensure they had the right technology to future-proof all of their business processes, the company decided to partner with a consulting company to replace their aging Warehouse Management System (WMS) with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. This upgrade has many functional improvements including enhanced customer relationship management to mobile app usage and cloud-based services.

But the implementation and the consulting company simply missed the mark. Everything from reporting, to P&L reports to dashboards – and even document management was simply not what the company expected. And statistically, just about 60% of software/implementation projects do go out of kilter. “Our enterprise system was not tuned to what our company needed. We needed to achieve compliance and costing accuracy across our organization and deal with the challenges of cross-company and multi-country accounting.”

Putting the project back on track

Many software projects fail for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the failure lies in cost overruns or taking longer than expected. In this case, the implementation was unfit for its original purposes and worse, users were not able to get any value from using the system as is. Once the company realized what was occurring, they quickly stopped the project and called in the experts from Captivix to put the it back on track.

The very first thing the Captivix team did was to stabilize the implementation. Team members got up to speed quickly on project status and salvaged whatever could be saved. The team tracked down all of the source code, any intellectual property that might have been missing and then re-baselined with the client team. Next, the Captivix team developed a project scope that everyone agreed on to re-instill confidence and trust. “We knew we needed to move this project forward,” said the client. “But honestly, we were not sure how this was going to work. Thankfully, Captivix reassured us and got the project back on track quickly.” Because total cost of ownership was a major consideration, the Captivix team conducted a deep dive of the existing Dynamics NAV system to help diagnose and then alleviate issues the team was experiencing. The result of the deep dive analysis was improved system performance and processes that improved and highlighted inventory costing issues, suggested security changes, and facilitated fixed assets use.

Once both teams agreed on the path forward, the first task Captivix tackled was to fix everything that was developed incorrectly, including re-building the entire reporting system. With the project stabilized, the Captivix team began implementing Dynamics NAV 2016 for HOIS’s Canadian location, and manufacturing for the Chicago processing facility. This one change would allow the company to integrate its processing functions into their Dynamics NAV system and replace tedious manual processes. Dynamics NAV Manufacturing “role centers” provide quick access to data, reports and tasks to jobs such as Shop Supervisor and Machine Operator. It also allows the client to effectively manage production with quick access to production orders, bills of material, supply planning and capacity requirements planning. The company can now use their demand to generate production orders and maintain accurate and efficient inventory levels throughout all of their locations. Captivix also trained manufacturing staff to be self-sufficient with the manufacturing process.

Another item on technology wish-list was a mobile solution to allow sales to access the system when they were in the field. Team members were using spreadsheets and static reports and manual processes to keep tabs on customers and inventory, which quickly became inaccurate as the day passed. For this portion of the project, Captivix gathered users from the client to compare Microsoft Dynamics Mobile with other Mobile systems and add-ons in the market. Ultimately, end users and IT staff clearly preferred a custom Dynamics Mobile solution developed by Captivix. Phase one included sales, marketing and customer care.  performed phase one of the Dynamics Mobile deployment bringing on sales, marketing and customer care areas. “Now that we have access to sales, inventory and marketing data, we can identify availability and historical customer sales to take next steps in improving the sales process. The data also helps us demonstrate the value of the investment to senior executives in a quantifiable way.”


Consistent feedback is critical to any project’s success. Captivix built in specific milestones so that the company could review work, kick the tires of the system and provide feedback right away. As the project progressed, the client team was asked to attend regularly scheduled status meetings and assisted with testing and quality reviews on completed components to validate that the system was meeting the vision. This project is still in development and expected to come in under budget.


“Creating a solution that accomplishes our business goals is not an easy task,”. No one know our business better than us, but I do not know what applications or software solutions would best solve my problems. That is why I enjoyed working with the Captivix team; they were true partners and helped guide us to the best solution..”