XMPLIFI – SaaS- Based Advocacy Marketing Made Simple


Xmplifi is a leading platform in employee advocacy marketing. It creates positive brand awareness by enabling companies to create and share content with their employees, who further promote the company’s content on their personal social networks. Utilizing the platform, Xmplifi’s clients leverage the combined power of cumulative social network reach.


Rise Interactive (digital agency of the year for 2013, 2014, and 2015) wanted to build an employee advocacy SaaS based platform, called Xmplifi. After thorough evaluation, Rise Interactive decided to partner with Captivix because of clear communication model, quick turnaround, and above all expertise in application development. Following were initial challenges while building Xmplifi.

  • Streamline cumbersome steps for content creation, publication, sharing, social media promotion, and campaign analytics into an intuitive and efficient workflow system
  • Incremental development effort to launch multiple feature every month without losing focus on quality and performance
  • Support multiple background processes and a huge volume of ongoing data generation, and build a scalable architecture that can evolve without any limitation
  • Continue to partner in making critical business and technology decisions to create a business viable product
  • Manage client/investor expectations by providing timely communication through functional demos, regular status, and relevant reports


  • Built an intuitive workflow process by eliminating redundant steps, automating processes, and designing extremely user friendly interfaces.
  • Utilized agile and lean startup methodologies to incrementally develop functionality. Effectively managed multiple environments, code base versions (staging, pre-production, production, etc.) to acquire better than expected quality and performance without losing sight of the big picture.
  • Implemented in-memory cache and auto-scale architecture utilizing .NET framework and AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud computing platform to provide a scalable backbone to support ever increasing system resource requirements.
  • Provided content managers (a set of users of Xmplifi) with a holistic solution without reinventing the wheel. This was accomplished by seamlessly integrating existing content aggregation 3rd party tools with our own Content Curating Module. This step reduced the cost significantly and increased the overall adoption rate.
  • Built custom Tiny, or short URL generator to replace a 3rd party vendor. This improved overall performance and stability by 35%, and reduced overall costs by 80%.


Delivered a new state-of-the-art Xmplifi platform that resolved all major challenges, while conforming to our client’s expectations and timeline.


“During our initial conversations, Captivix separated themselves from others on their clear thought process, and simple approach to provide the right solution. Since then, Rahul and his team have been a great partner providing answer to all our challenges. They asked the right questions to understand our product vision and delivered a top notch solution.

Scott Golas, CEO