BEV Analytics – Syndicated On-Premise Sales Analytics


BevAnalytics provides surveys and analytic services to alcoholic beverage industry. Conducting surveys and providing analytics helps RTA’s clients understand their brand penetration, that further helps them build their brand strategy.

Bev Analytics platform not only allows its users to conduct surveys to capture critical data points, but also generates intelligent reports measuring brand positioning, and further recommendations.


Bev Analytics is a startup company located in 1871 – Merchandise Mart in Chicago. They approached us to build a robust platform to conduct surveys, extract critical data points including survey images, and thereafter generate key business intelligence (BI) reports. Primary challenge was not the technology, but the approach required to build a sophisticated analytical solution utilizing lean startup & agile methodologies. Following were some other parameters to we had to work within.

  • The platform must support terabytes of data generated while conducting just a handful of surveys.
  • Since client directors were non-technical, indepth information and coaching were to be provided during deisgn sessions.
  • Due of the nature of the business, we had to build a minimum viable product but is sophesticated enough to provide key BI reports to top beverage companies.
  • Limited budget required a minimalist approach with maximum output and results.


  • Provided complete guidance on every step with coaching sessions, understanding of the development processs and best practices, and evaluating different technical solutions.
  • Utilized agile and lean startup methodologies to ensure product scalability over time.
  • Implemented cloud based auto-scale architecture using Microsoft Azure platform
  • Utilized Microsoft .NET framework, SSRS reports, Power BI reporting suite to provide best possible solution.


We delivered a robust solution that exceeded Bev Analytics’ expections, and we continue to partner with them to further enhance their platform.


“I have worked with Captivix Solutions for several years and they always exemplified the highest level of professionalism while always going up and beyond to accommodate my schedule. As a non-tech person, I do not always know the best path.  Rahul and his team have been instrumental in helping me find the best path forward that suits my needs.  I believe their problem solving skills and expertise have help me find the best solution for my business. They have always been transparent regarding all proceedings and work.  I have always trusted them completely.  In fact when other tech people I work with have reviewed their work, they all say the budget and pricing is better than fair.

Dan Taneja, CEO