Digital Transformation For A Growing Textile Business


From modest beginnings this client has grown to an internationally represented textile house with showrooms and sales offices spanning North America, Europe and Asia. The company manufactures and sells hundreds of patterns in more than 20 collections.

That attention to detail has enabled the company to grow and expand. Unfortunately, however, the technology used to manage the business didn’t quite keep up with their sustained growth. As with many up and coming companies, the client used a system to manage their business built on the Microsoft Access relational database platform along with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. While the system worked fairly well when the company was small, it didn’t work so well as the company expanded. Not only was the system limited in functionality and slow in updating records, the only person who knew how to access and use the system was just one person. They needed an ERP that was the single source of truth for their business. Clearly it was time for a change.


  • Redundant manual processes (hundreds of hours per month) involved in operations: order creation to fulfilment and shipping
  • Lack centralized data for analytics and reporting
  • No Warehouse Management System
  • Inefficient order fulfilment and shipping operations
  • Lack of visibility of inventory counts for in-stock items for sales force


  • Full service ERP system with WMS
  • Website integrated with ERP for updated products and inventory count
  • Optimized process – order creation to fulfilment and shipping
  • Integrated mobile application for sales force for better serve customers

A full-service solution

Sometimes, the most successful relationships begin in the most unexpected places. Ironically, the relationship with Captivix began with the redesign and development of a new website because of all of the growth the company had experienced over the years. Their objectives were pretty clear; “build us a new site that is easy for visitors (including interior designers) to navigate and find what they want but also increase sales by 25%”.

The team at Captivix learned that the client was in the middle of researching new ERP systems. However; they soon discovered that each of the “out of the box” solutions needed far more customization than they originally thought and, as well, the cost and amount of time if would take to implement was far out of their range.

The Captivix team had several conversations with the operations team to uncover the major challenges they were facing. In addition to transactional processes – like sales quotes, orders, invoicing and purchasing – they really needed to automate their supply chain and provide an operational process for their award-winning products. Captivix conducted several demos of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Because this ERP is specifically built for small and mid-sized businesses, Microsoft Dynamics NAV provided Brentano the functionality they needed, with the customizations they wanted, at a price they could afford. “It was eye-opening. Automating all of our mill data to provide real-time information to our customers was really key. Not only that, we now have a very clear picture of how our business is doing, from day-to-day transactions all the way through to year-end close.”

During these meetings, the Captivix team learned that the company’s sales reps were struggling with checking inventory, production schedules and shipment details while meeting with their clients. The Captivix team developed a mobile application so the sales reps could conduct business on the go. It ties directly into the Dynamics NAV ERP so everything is updated in near real time. As a final piece, the development team integrated the newly built website with Dynamics NAV ERP to automatically update new products as they were introduced to catalogs and collections. This eliminated the need to tediously and manually update each new product as it was introduced.

A true partnership

At Captivix, we believe that no one knows your business and vision better than you do. Our experts can learn as much as they can, but nobody will ever be an adequate replacement for you and your deepest level of knowledge. During the initial discovery phase, both teams participated in knowledge sessions, design discussions, and task prioritization. In addition, the Captivix team conducted a gap analysis that included how customizations and integrations with other platforms could benefit the business. This gave the Captivix team the details they needed to provide a few options and estimated costs to Brentano so that their team could make a thoughtful decision.

As the project progressed, the client’s team was asked to attend regularly scheduled status meetings and assisted with testing and quality reviews on completed components to validate that the system was meeting the company vision. This level of involvement is critical because it provides a complete and constant understand of the project’s status and gives a chance to mold the project as it moved toward completion. The Captivix team often led onsite training and final testing sessions to ensure that the the company’s team knew exactly how their new Dynamics NAV ERP fulfilled their requirements and business processes.


Consistent feedback is critical to any project’s success. Captivix built in specific milestones so that the company could review work, kick the tires of the system and provide feedback right away. As the project progressed, the client team was asked to attend regularly scheduled status meetings and assisted with testing and quality reviews on completed components to validate that the system was meeting the vision. This project is still in development and expected to come in under budget.


“Creating a solution that accomplishes our business goals is not an easy task,”. No one know our business better than us, but I do not know what applications or software solutions would best solve my problems. That is why I enjoyed working with the Captivix team; they were true partners and helped guide us to the best solution..”