Catral Doyle – Asset Development Simplified


Catral Doyle creative co. is a premium digital agency based out of Milwaukee. With extensive experience with digital marketing, brand strategy, and creative assets creation, they continue to provide practicle solutions for their clients.


Catral Doyle Creative Co is a digital agency based out of Milwaukee. Their strength lies in digital marketing, creating brands and designing creative assets. Due to lack of resources, they previously outsourced most of the development effort. After producing creative assets, they utilized freelancers & contract developers for converting creative assets to coded assets, and further develop applications.

Once these developers started programming, they had very little visibility as how the end product will turn out to be. In most cases, the delivered product lacked quality and was invariably delayed. Moreover, the product didn’t align with the creative assets provided to these developers in the first place. Inadequate development quality and poor communications delivered by contract developers put their projects in jeopardy. These mishaps posed a serious risk to their overall customer satisfaction.


We realized that Catral Doyle creative co. needed a partner to collaboratively work on each project, rather than simply outsourcing development effort and hoping for the best results. Our recommendation was to initiate a clear communication plan that enables complete transparency.  The communication plan was not limited to weekly status calls, but included detailed project plans, SLAs for defect resolution, change control process, etc. With this communication plan, we collaborated on intermediate milestones such as interactive wireframes, staggered delivery of coded assets, and demo of a module or a feature. These expectations not only helped us understand their needs on a regular basis, but also assisted us in providing best possible solution in record time. Utilizing technology stacks such as HTML 5, Java Script, CSS 3, Expressions Engine, and .NET framework, we continue to deliver quality products for Catral Doyle Creative Co.


Catral Doyle Creative Co. continues to partners with us to bring their creative assets and applications to life!


“We have been working with Captivix for many years. They are trusted development partners, and we rely on their expertise to bring the most innovative platforms and systems to all of our collaborations. They always work with our budget and time frames which can be a challenge in the communications business. We haven’t brought any projects or functionality to them that they can’t handle or imagine. They deliver and we have happy clients. It works for us.”

Susan Catral, Founder