digital transformation roadmap
5 steps to create your digital transformation roadmap
“Failure to plan is planning to fail.” Dwight D. Eisenhower Rahul Maheshwary, CEO It’s not uncommon for me to receive calls and emails from business leaders in a desperate situation. Their IT leader may have...
ecommerce store
Leadership-driven Digital Transformation Strategy
“Assemble the leaders you need for a successful digital transformation” Rahul Maheshwary, CEO Digital transformation (DT) initiatives will elevate your business model by building a solid digital core from which to scale. On a global...
How digital transformation can connect your organization
Breaking Down Data Silos Through Digital Transformation
How digital transformation can connect your organization “Information is power. Particularly when the competition ignores the opportunity to do the same.” Mark Cuban Your organization holds a wealth of data - but it may be...
Mobile ERP application
Why Mobile is better for ERP
You’ve invested significant resources in an ERP application that connects your people. There’s just one problem - they aren’t using it. Why? Because your ERP system does not have a mobile application. Over 90% of...
How Companies can leverage Machine Learning
How Companies can leverage Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence) in Procurement & Supply Chain
In recent years, the reliance on machine learning tools has become the craze among business communities. It is no secret that machine learning is set to become one of the most remarkable disruptive forces in...
10 Essential VS Code Extensions
10 Essential VS Code Extensions for FrontEnd Development in 2019
Intro If you are a web developer and not living under a rock for the last couple of years, you would have come across the name VS Code. VS Code is by far the hottest...
Ecommerce How Machine Learning can help you sell
E-commerce: How Machine Learning can help you sell more products to your customers
With machine learning becoming more and more popular in this era of digital transformations, it is finding its way into nearly all industries. The e-commerce industry is no different, and online e-commerce businesses can advantage...
digital transformation revolution
The Digital Transformation Revolution
The year 1989 was a watershed year. In 1989: • The first of 24 satellites of the GPS system is placed into orbit • Nintendo began selling the GameBoy • The 486 series of microprocessor...

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