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How to choose the right ERP system to make your life easy—>

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Deploying an ERP system is one of the most important investments for any business. It is
a process that doesn’t happen every once a while and is a major commitment for any business.
It is absolutely crucial to be able to pick the right solution from an array of options that are
available in the market. If you are looking to pick the right solution for your organization,
here is a guide on the basics of how to do it.

Assess your needs

While digital transformation is all the buzz nowadays, it is not a smart move to get on the
bandwagon without knowing how deploying a particular IT solution will solve an issue or
increase productivity. The first and the foremost step when making a decision to deploy an
ERP system is to completely assess all your requirements with regards to every process and
operation of your business. You should conduct a thorough gap analysis, look into all pain-
points and figure out a complete list of things you would want your ERP system to help you
with. Compare a scenario where you are operating with everything you want from your ERP
system to your current scenario; it will allow you an insight into what gaps you want to bridge.

Does it fit with the rest of the cogs?

While you’re preparing to invest in a new solution, never forget about the ones that you are
already using, especially when it comes to ERP. Evaluate how compatible it will be with the
systems you are already using. It is important to understand before if a potential solution will
align with the one you are already using for your business. For example, if you are using a
CRM solution and don’t wish to change or if you’re running an online store on
Magento/Magento 2, will your ERP integrate with such existing solutions.

Make sure it can keep-up

Every day a number of IT solutions for businesses enter the market, while not all will be of
relevance to you and your business, it is extremely important to understand that there will
come a time when you would want to introduce something new. While preempting such
things can be tricky, it is very important that you pick a solution that is ready for the future.

Look around

Another great way to narrow down the selection process is to research about what solutions
have done well in your specific industry. Find out which solutions your competitors use and
research further about what are its industry-specific benefits. Ask your partner if they have
industry-specific experience in deploying such solutions. Try to choose a partner that is
experienced in serving a business similar to the nature of yours. This will surely save you a
lot of headaches.

ERP Partner

Last but not least, choosing the right partner is probably the most important part of your
decision-making process. The right partner will do most of your work for you. The partner
has to be proactive and be able to make suggestions & modifications as per the business’s
need. They should be able to identify issues before they become major hurdles and eventually
business blockers. Partner up with someone who is looking to provide a holistic solution to
problems rather than doing patchwork and quick fixes. Always prefer a partner who is
transparent and is looking to build a healthy business equation.


Are you looking for a partner who can help you with your ERP implementation process?

Deploying an ERP system is a major decision for any business leader. It is a long term
commitment and is often complex. There are a lot of things that need to
be taken into consideration. Like; what existing systems will your ERP connect with? What
types of productivity increase or cost savings are you expecting? Unless your goals are
defined before you begin, you won’t get the results you expect at project completion. If
aligned with Digital Transformation, ERP will not just optimize business processes but will
also drive more revenue and help capture new markets. The key is to identify a selection and
implementation strategy that aligns with your business needs and reduces implementation
time from a few months to a few weeks. Moreover, lower the total cost of ownership with
essential core functionality using the agile methodology.

The answer is simple, look for a partner who is capable of helping you out with your
selection process and is proactive with suggestions and solutions.


Captivix helps organizations select the most suitable ERP system and allows businesses to
improve productivity while also helping the management to ease into these IT developments.

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