Go Ahead with Our ERP Guided Assessment – READY, SET, GROW

| by Snehil Prakash

Go Ahead with Our ERP Guided Assessment – READY, SET, GROW—>

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ERP Free Trial

As per ERP Software blog, around 33% of buyers of ERP didn’t get demo before implementing it and approximately most enterprise don’t get a chance to play around with ERP. These statistics are frightening and risky, not only for buyers but also for the vendor’s a trial session will help companies to evaluate what is best for them.

Captivix believes in finding 100% match for buyers by providing 2 days trial of ERP. The trial includes a preliminary orientation session to assist you in navigating the ERP evaluation process and performing functions in three easy steps so you can begin using the ERP solution for your company.

Step 1: Book a slot.

Here you need to book an appointment to set up a quick call for your process to get started.

Step 2: Enjoy your Trial.

By keeping your business processes in mind try to evaluate ERP and check if it’s aligning with your goals.

Step 3: Get Recommendation.

Talk to our ERP expert to discuss your challenges and growth plan and what else you can get out of ERP implementation.

The 2-day trial will allow businesses to manage ERP in their own environment and experience its versatility and ease of use, especially for accounting, reporting, project performance analysis, and real-time data access.

Once you are done with your trial we will help you to determine the best ERP in the market as per your company’s goal and business process.

To learn more and begin the 2-day free trial process, visit https://captivix.com/erp-assessment/