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Digital Transformation – It starts with you—>

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As we work with companies seeking to digitally transform their business, we regularly hear questions about how they can best get started. How to evaluate risks and rewards. What can they actually gain from the process.

We believe that to reap the rewards from digital transformation, each business must embrace the “what” first and then the “how”. What are the objectives? What does your business hope to achieve?

It’s the biggest reason why we decided to take on a live webinar event with our CEO and founder Rahul Maheshwary (Wednesday, November 14th, 11:00 AM Central). During the 45-minute (or so) live webinar, he’ll tackle topics such as:

  • Understanding what true digital transformation is and how it can benefit your business
  • Learning where to begin to get the largest return
  • Uncovering the top activities you should do first

We’ll also be doing two demos to show how integrated systems can help with your digital transformation initiatives. The first demo shows you how your ERP system can easily integrate with mobile technology. The second demo is a plugin that connects your ERP system with WooCommerce – an industry standard platform for eCommerce.

So join us on Wednesday, November 14th / 11:00 AM Central. Remember, the true benefits of digital transformation do not lie in the strength of technology but in understanding how your business runs now and objectives for future growth.

See you there.