Supply Chain

With hyper competition among businesses in many sectors, there is intense pressure to keep the costs low as every dollar spent impacts the bottom line.

Improvement in business’s supply chain, distribution and logistics represents one of the few opportunities for positive impact without requiring increased sales, or significant investment in capital.

Captivix can help you establish a solid supply chain system that can reap the benefits of bringing in significant ROI. We’ll help you maximize the cost savings from your business’s supply chain, distribution and logistics processes and systems.

Supply Change Management

ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions

ERP allows your businesses to gain greater visibility across your operations while achieving greater efficiency and overall customer satisfaction. Captivix can help fix issues in distribution, warehousing, logistics processes so that you can build a robust system that reaps significant ROI.

  • Drive efficiency and up-time with Master Planning and Scheduling
  • Integrate with customers or distributors through cloud and mobile
  • Increase profitability by creating efficient inventory management
  • Compete globally while managing thru multiple currencies and languages
  • Automate several manual procedures to eliminate data re-entry and streamline warehouse operations
  • Process accurate orders at a faster rate
  • Improve fill rates and customer satisfaction
Workflow Automation

Workflow Automations

Our SCM Workflow Automation Solution help you reduce errors, optimize processes, improve communications, minimize inefficiencies or automate any repeated business process or actions. In short, workflow automation or BPM can help you set up lean supply chain systems and operations.

Captivix can help you define where to make improvements in your supply chain. We’ll also help you customize features or processes to integrate suppliers or optimize your logistics or distribution process or manage your warehouse and inventory.

Workflow Automation

System Integrations

Businesses can significantly reduce costs associated with production, product distribution, warehouse utilization, or other supply chain process by integrating ERP with other supply chain and tracking systems.

Captivix helps you evaluate various criteria to ensure successful integration of your ERP with such SCM systems.

Some of the evaluation criteria include

Business priorities: Is it ERP first or Supply Chain?  We also identify and try to eliminate non-value added processes and components associated with the systems integration.

Technology issues: Assess if ERP or SCM systems are on similar platforms, to make integration simple and faster to execute.

Cost of implementation: We will evaluate and forecast the cost savings and ROI of such integration

Employee Advocacy

Customer Loyalty

Strengthening the customer relationships, gaining customer loyalty and enhancing customer advocacy has become some of the major goals for most companies today.

Captivix helps reduce the perception of assumed risk and add elements of visibility in your supply chain processes to gain competitive advantage.

Learn more on how we can help you strengthen your customer loyalty by enhancing the visibility of your supply chain.

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